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Genpact manages business processes for companies around the world, combining its process expertise, information technology and analytical capabilities with operational insight derived from experience in diverse industries to provide a wide range of services using its global delivery platform. Genpact’s goal is to help clients improve the ways in which they do business by using Lean Six Sigma principles, as well as cutting-edge technology, to continuously improve business processes 

Genpact provides a wide range of business process, technology and knowledge services, including Finance & Accounting, Collections & Customer Relations, Insurance, Procurement & Supply Chain, Analytics, Software, IT-Infrastructure , Content Solutions and Re-engineering. By offering these services, Genpact draws on three core capabilities–process expertise, analytical capabilities and technology expertise–as well as the operational insight gained from the experience of managing thousands of processes in diverse industries.

Finance & Accounting
Genpact provides a comprehensive range of Finance & Accounting services with proven capability to deliver cost savings, process innovation and operating excellence within the over-arching framework of compliance.

Collections & Customer Relations
Genpact was a pioneer of outsourcing Collections & Customer Service. Over the years, we have built expertise offering end-to-end solutions designed to deliver unsurpassed service excellence to our customers and their end customers.

Genpact offers a diverse set of services for all major insurance verticals, including life, health, mortgage, and re-insurance, among others. These services are powered by deep domain expertise and process excellence through application of Lean Six Sigma principles.

Procurement & Supply Chain
From sourcing and procurement, to manufacturing, sales support, logistics, aftermarket services and financial services support, Genpact combines its rich experience with best practices and process rigor to deliver true business impact.

Genpact uses advanced analytical tools and methodologies, a rich knowledge pool, and Six Sigma rigor in project execution to deliver insightful analyses for a diverse set of industries, thus helping clients make informed decisions. Software
Genpact's integrated spectrum of software solutions spans enterprise solutions deployment, technology integration, application/database management, and support services, within an overall IT program-management framework. 

IT Infrastructure
Genpact provides global IT-infrastructure, from planning and designing to implementing and managing mission-critical IT systems like desktops, servers, networks and security, while maintaining alignment with your overall IT strategy.

Content Solutions
Genpact offers a creative set of e-learning, creative media and content management solutions to enhance business performance by positively impacting key metrics.

With over 10 years of experience in managing and improving a range of business processes and by leveraging our Lean Six Sigma DNA, Genpact vastly improves and re-engineers business processes to deliver significant impact 

Careers @ GENPACT
At Genpact, we truly believe that our employees are our greatest asset. It’s why Genpact has been recognized in multiple countries as a leading employer. Being recognized as an Employer of Choice reinforces our resolve to attract, retain and nurture quality talent through our employee-centric work culture.

People with diverse backgrounds and work experiences flourish at Genpact because we are all united by something unique: a passion for excellence, managing business processes for many of the world’s leading brands, and a commitment to work as a team.

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