1. Speed from a to b is 40 km/hr and avg speed from b to a 50 km/hr. total average speed?
a) 50 b)24 c)48

2. Time & work questions: some men finish a work in 100 days. If 10 men leave then they will finish in 10 days
more. What is the original no. of men?

3. Arun give some money to Gopal ,Gopal gave 40% to Suresh. How much was with Arun initially???

4. A finishes in 15 days B in 20 days C in 25 days. How many days they will take if they all work together?

5. Radius of sphere is 10 cm. How much % is surface area of volume
a)30%  b) 25%......

6. a+b=45 b+c+d=70 what is a+b+c+d?
a) 50  b) data inadequate

7. There is 100 ml sol of wine and water in A and B if 10ml is taken from a and put it in b and then 10 ml
from b put in to A . Which jug has more solution.

8. A RECTANGLE OF Size 78*63.Cut the rectangle into squares of 1 units. Draw a diagonal through the rectangle. Through How many squares diagonal pass
a) 138 b)139 c)141
d)139 e)140

9. a question on 8*8 chessboard what is the no. of adjacent squares? i don't remember the question.
a) 216 B) 228....... 208

10. Mountain hiking: A person starts at 2:00 in the Friday afternoon. a person does not move with constant speed. reaches mountain top in 4 hrs. he again starts at 2:00 on Saturday and reaches bottom in 3 hrs, what is the probability that he was at the same point as he was on Friday..
a) 0 b) 1 c) 1\2 d)1\4

11. 12,32,72,152,.............ans(312)