(Paper) Sonoa Systems | Placement Paper - Technical and Aptitude

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Sonoa Systems | Placement Paper - Technical and Aptitude

Company Name : Sonoa Systems

Type : Experienced

Location : Bangalore

No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Techincal Round-1, Techincal Round-2

Job Interview, Question Paper Writeup. :

  1. What are Http Headers
  2. Was asked to write a program to solve a given equation. Write the test cases
  3. About Junit. If I have 2 test cases A and B where A depends on B then how wil I run these test cases using Junit
  4. About databases : primary keys, composite keys, table joins , relations
  5. Difference between calloc and malloc
  6. If I have 2 pointers A pointing to B and B pointing to A. Is it an error?
  7. OS : Disk fragmentation
  8. Stacks : how are function calls implemented. What are the parameters that are stored on the stack when a function is called?
  9. Write a program to reverse a string using recursion
  10. Difference between Use case and Requirements Spefication
  11. What is metadata? Difference between data , meta data and information
  12. Test cases for LRU cache
  13. Write a program to remove the duplicates from a list of integers . Write the test cases