(News) Wipro remove policy of employment bond for freshers


Wipro remove policy of employment bond for freshers

Here is a good news for fresher searching for jobs. Wipro Technologies is preparing for the talent war this year. Wipro used to ask to make a payment of 75,000 while signing the employment contract but now they have removed the policy. With this, the company plans to offer double digit wage hikes this April.

But, Wipro will still have a service level agreement for a period of 15 months for the employees. The company feels that it will improve the quality of hires and at the same time they will not lose employees after the significant effort in training period.

Priti Rajora, Global Head-Talent Acquisition, Wipro Technologies said. "The training and development program entails a considerable investment in terms of manpower, training hours, infrastructure and technological know how. This investment makes it necessary for us to expect the fresher to stay with us for a period so as to obviate an adverse impact on ongoing projects."

IT firms like TCS and Infosys ask fresher to sign employment bond. TCS sign a two year service agreement, and Infosys has one year agreement which starts from the date of completing the training programme. According to them these bonds will restrict job hopping for the employees as well as through this bond they ensure that employees stay with the company for a while

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Courtesy: siliconindia.com