(Job Interview) NTPC Selection Procedure And Paper Pattern (NIT Srinagar)

Job Interview : NTPC Selection Procedure And Paper Pattern (Campus)

Company Name : NTPC
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

  • Nov, 2008 NTPC came to NIT Srinagar for placements. Branches 
    Offered: Rs 6.75 lakh p.a
    . (Due for Revision) 

Placement Procedure: ONLY Interview. A six member panel comprising two HR's, three technical persons and the Chairman of the team conducted interviews of each candidate for about 10-12 minutes. As told by H.R's, NIT Srinagar is the only NIT where only interviews are held (this system is of course followed in all IIT's). In other NIT's they take a written test, followed by GD and then the Interview. 

I'm from Electrical Engineering. 
I was the second person to be interviewed. Some of the questions posed to me were

  • Where do you live? 

  • How far is your home from the institute? 

  • Are you a day-scholar or a hosteller? 

  • What is your greatest strength? 

  • How can you justify it? 

  • What is your weakness? 

  • What are the equipments that you would use inbetween when u have to connect a transformer to busbars? 

  • What is the function of an isolator? 

  • Why only 3 phase? 

  • Why not 4 phase & 5 phase? 

  • What are the different types of Circuit Breakers? 

  • Which is the latest one? 

  • Is the voltage distribution on a string insulator same throughout?

  • If not, then how to equalise it?

  • How would u decide between whether to use a 2 winding transformer or an autotransformer?

  • How can u define the efficiency of a transformer?

  • Why are the generating voltages limited to 33 kV?

  • If now-a-days we have High voltage insulation systems say XLPE which take up very little space, then why don't we go for higher generating voltages?

  • What is the symbol of a turbine?

  • Why is the symbol of that very shape?

I answered maximum questions but got stuck at a couple of them. In the evening, the anxious moments came and the result was declared. Out of the 37 students who appeared for the interview, 13 were selected. 5 out of 12 from EE, 3 out of 9 from ECE and 5 out of 16 from Mech. Thanks to the almighty, i was one of the 13 selected students.

Exam/Interview Date : 18-Nov-2008
No of Rounds : Client/Manager Interview