(PAPER) NOKIA Sample Placement Papers & Pattern

(PAPER) NOKIA Sample Placement Papers & Pattern


1- aptittude 
2- technical -
c/c++/os concepts,
programming concepts

1: Write a function to reverse the binary short integer.(6 marks)

2:Write a program to delete an element in the single linked list without starting pointer. (12 marks)

3: write an a program for the following state diagram
- Edges- events 
-Squares -nodes

OS concepts ? you have to write answer

1-What is the critical section code.

2-Which resource(s) used for the critical section. 


B-shared memory 


D-message queues 

3- Scheduler is based on the priority non-pre ?emptive. Task T1 is higher priority and task T2 is of
lover priority. If task T2 is running and task T1 is ready. What is the scheduler action?

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