(Paper) MECON Placement Question Papers

Paper : MECON Placement Question Papers


Sample Test Paper of Mcon Ltd.

The written test will be of 2hrs duration consisting of only objective questions 40% of which will be of Aptitute and General English type questions and the rest 60% will be from the concerned subject

The sample questions presented here will only familiarize you with the type of questions that will be used in the test. The examination, however, may not be confined to only these types of questions.


Directions for questions 1 & 2:

In each of the following sentences, a word is printed in capital letter. Your task is to find out a word from among the four alternatives marked as A,B,C,D given below which has similar meaning to the word printed in capital letters

1. That person was present as the organization’s special EMISSARY in the meeting.

A) Quest B) Attraction C) Messenger D) Performer

2. President ENTREATED the guest to stay out till the discussion continued.

A) Pleaded B) Advised C) Charged D) Insisted

Directions for questions 3:

In the following sentence words are not presented in proper order. Arrange the words properly so that the resulting sentence makes sense. Indicate the index of the word(i.e. A, B,C,D)that you have chosen to put LAST in the sentence.

3. the rain despite came they


Directions for questions 4:

In the given sentence a blank(____) space is there. Find out from the given alternatives the correct one which may fill in the sentence appropriately.

4. There were grave doubts whether the meeting will bring _____ anything substantial.

A) up B) about C) with D) into

Directions for questions 5 to 8:

Read the following questions carefully and choose the correct answer from the four suggested answers marked as A,B,C,D

5. The value of

0.4 x 0.6 + 0.2 x 0.8 + 4 x 0.12 is

0.4 +0.8

A) 0.73 B) 0.2 C) 1.0 D) 1.73

6. What number should come in the blank space ( ____ ) ?

35 40 46 53 ____

A) 61 B) 60 C) 58 D) none

7. Who was the first in India to obtain MRCP and FRCS in one calendar year ?

A) N. G. Ranga B) Manabendra Nath Roy C) Bidhan Chandra Roy D) G. M. Reddy

8. Charlie Chaplin won Lenin Peace prize in the year ____

A) 1954 B) 1970 C) 1957 D) None of the above

Directions for questions 9 & 10:

In the following questions a pair of words if given by followed by four additional pair of words. Select the pair of words that has the same relationship that is existing between the first two words.







1. Herring bone gears are used when it is required that a/an

A) axial thrust is transmitted B) radial thrust is transmitted

C) torque is transmitted. D) None of the above

2. During the dwell period of a cam the

A) cam does not rotate B) displacement of the follower is zero

C) velocity of the follower is maximum D) acceleration of the follower is

E) cam becomes immobile maximum



1. A simply supported reinforced concrete T-Beam Bridge is adopted for spans up to

A) 5 m B) 15 m C) 50 m D) 25 m

2. A structure is said to be elastic if the

A) Stress is proportional to strain

B) Strain disappears when the loads are removed

C) Strain is very large

D) None of the above



1. If the air gap length of an induction motor is increased, its

A) power factor decreases
B) speed decreases
C) noise decreases
D) magnetising current decreases
E) nothing happens

2. A 100 MVA transformer may be cooled with

A) air B) oil forced air blast C) oil forced circulation

D) oil natural circulation E) None of the above



1. The negative resistance characteristic is exhibited by

A) Diode B) Triode C) Tetrode D) Pentode E) Thyratron

2. The element used for reducing secondary emission in pentodes is

A) Control grid B) Anode C) Cathode D) Suppressor E) Screen grid



1. Pyridine bases are used for the manufacture of

A) Drugs B) Explosives C) Fertilizers D) Paints E) Insecticides

2. Calcium Carbide is prepared from quick lime and Carbon at

A) 10000C B) 5000C C) 15000C D) 20000C E) 30000C



1. The magnaflux process can be used to detect cracks in

A) Brasses B) Aluminium Alloy C) Common Steel D) Austenitic Steel E) None of the above

2. The complete malleabilizing process (heating, holding and cooling) will last approximately

A) One hour B) Ten hours C) Fifty hours D) Hundred and Fifty Hours

E) Thousand Hours



1. The most widely accepted material used for fettling open-hearth furnaces is

A) Zirconium oxide     B) Magnesite     C) Chrome ore     D) Iron ore     E) Lime

2. The most conducive temperature for testing fireclay refractories for carbon monoxide disintegration is

A) 30? to 45? F B) 145? to 300? C C) 600? to 690? F

D) 925? to 940? F E) None of these



1. Which type of Crushers are being used in Iron ore Mines?

A) Jaw Crushers B) Cone Crushers C) Hammer Crushers D) None of these

2. In ferrous metallurgy the quality of limestone is mainly based on its

A) CaO content B) MgO content C) Free lime availability D) Silica content



1. A Ton of Refrigeration is equivalent to

A) 16000Btu/hr B) 212 Btu/hr C) 10000 Btu/hr D) 12000 Btu/hr

2. ?Ten Books on Architecture was written by

A) Aristotle B) Vitruvius C) Charles Lamb D) Le Corbusier



1. A friable limestone deposited in lakes from CaCO3 supplied by streams or springs draining into it is known as

A) Chalk         B) Marl         C) Tufa         D) Pure limestone

2. Identify the positive biaxial mineral crystal from the listed four

A) Epi diorite         B) Aragonite         C) Muscovite         D) Barite



1. Which one is not a component in manpower planning?

A) Manpower inventory B) Manpower forecasting

C) Discipling manpower D) Wastage analysis

2. Which one of the following is not considered an extrinsic reward?

A) Salary B) Recognition

C) Working condition D) Fringe benefits



1. When there is more than one union a new union may be given recognition if

I. It is registered

II. It covers at least 15% of the workers in the establishment concerned

III. It has functioned for at least one year after registration

A) I, II & III are true B) I & II are true C) II & III are true D) I & III are true

2. The process of job evaluation does not involve

A) comparison of one job with others

B) a thorough examination of the job

C) merit of the individual performing the job

D) the arrangement of jobs in their correct sequence in terms of value to the firm



1. The pricing policy in which an initial low price is charged in anticipation of getting more business at subsequent higher price is known as

A) Offset pricing B) Loss leader pricing

C) Diversionary pricing D) Guaranteed pricing

2. Diversification marketing

A) Is an attempt to expand the organization control of a market in which it already has a product or a service.

B) Introduces an existing product or service to new customers.

C) Involves both a new product and new customers.


1. Budgeted sales  1200 units @ Rs. 15/- per unit, Actual Sales  800 units @ Rs. 18/- per unit. Sales quantity variance will be

A) Rs. 6000/- (Adverse) B) Rs. 7200/- (Favourable) C) Rs. 2400/- (Favourable)

2. For computing ?Labour Efficiency Variance the formula is Standard Rate X (Standard Hours Actual Hours). Here the Actual Hours mean

A) Hours actually worked B) Hours actually paid for C) Idle Hours