Section 1: Quantitative Aptitude

1) There are total 15 people. 7 speaks French and 8 speaks Spanish. 3 do not speak any language. Which part of total people speaks both languages.

Ans: 1/5

2) A jogger wants to save ¼th of his jogging time. He should increase his speed by how much %age.

Ans: 33.33 %

3) a is an integer. Dividing 89 & 125 gives remainders 4 & 6 respectively. Find a ?

Ans: 17

4) In a office work is distribute between p persons. If 1/8 members are absent then work increased for each person.

Section 2: Non- Verbal

1) Question based on cubes. In which fill the blank box.

2) 120, 315, 300, 345, ? ---- 390

3) 2,1, 4, 3, 6, 6, 8, 10, 10, ?, ? --- 12, 15

4) Questions based on figure rotation

Section 3: Analytical Section

1) A Child is saying numbers 1, 2, 3, 4. When he says 1 Another child puts white marble in a box. On saying 2 he puts Blue marble and on saying 3 he puts red marble. When child says 4 other child take out white and blue marble. Child says some no. in a sequence then questions are based on the no. of marbles in the box. Like this 1,1,2,3,1, 4, 1,1,3,2,2,4,111…

a) Find the no. of Blue marble in the box …..2

b) Find the no. of White --------do----------- ----2

c) No. of red marbles ------- 7

2) Questions based on logical reasoning (R. S. Aggarwal)

a) all pens are hens. All hens are doctor

(I) all pens are doctor.

(II) all doctors are pen.

Ans: Only first conclusion is correct.

Ratio, Percent, Interest, Work & Time:

1) How many mashes are there in a sq. m of wire gauge. Each mesh being 8mm long X 5mm width

Ans : 25000

2) x% of y is y% of ?

Ans : x

3) The price of sugar increases by 20%, by what % house-wife should reduce the consumption of sugar so that expenditure on sugar can be  same as before

Ans : 16.66

3) A man spending half of his salary for house hold expenses, 1/4th for rent, 1/5th for travel expenses, a man deposits the rest in a bank. If his monthly deposits in the bank amount 50. What is his monthly salary ?

Ans : 1000

The population of a city increases @ 4% p.a. That is an additional annual increase of 4% of the population due to this influx of job seekers, the % increase in population after 2 years is20

5) The ratio of no. of boys & girls in a school is 3:2 Out of these ?% the boys & 25% of girls are scholarship holders. % of students who are not scholarship holders.?

Ans :20

6) Men take 21 days of 8 hrs. each to do a piece of work. How many days of 6 hrs. each would do if 21 women take. If 3 women do as much work of 2 men.

Ans : 30

7) A cylinder ingot 6cms in diameter and 6 cms in height is and spheres all of the same size are made from the material obtained. what is the diameter of each

Ans :3cms

8) Rectangular plank of sqrt(2)meters wide can be placed so that it is on either side of the diagonal of a square shown below. what is the area of the plank?

Ans :7sqrt(2)

9) the difference b/w the compound interest payable half yearly and the simple interest on a 20 certain sum cont out at 10% p.a for 1 year is Rs 25 what is the sum


10) what is the smallest n0 by which 2880 must be divided in order to make it a20 perfect square ?

a)3   b)4   c)5   d) 6   e)8

 Ans : c

11) a father is 30 times more than his son however he will be only thrice as old as the son what is father's present age ?

Ans : 40

12) An article sold at a profit of 20% if both the c.p & s.p were to be Rs.20/- the profit would be 10% more. What is the c.p of that article?

Ans : 1% loss