(Paper) LnT Placement Paper 2007

LnT Placement Paper 2007


We were told to report at 11 a.m on that day.Exam was scheduled at 11.30 a.m.But it started at around 12.20 p.m and ended at 1.50 p.m.The results of the written test of our batch was declared about 5 hrs. later.

The selection procedure consists of three parts.

  • 1.Aptitude test

  • 2.Group discussion or extempore

  • 3.H.R

The aptitude test was quite easy if you have already solved R.S Agarwal. All the questions were from the books of Agarwal.There were three sections in the aptitude part.The 1st section was quantitative aptitude,2nd was verbal-non verbal reasoning,3rd part was ENGLISH.Each section consisted of 30 questions.The only problem is that there were sectional cut-offs for each section.Total allotted time was 90 mins,with 90 questions.So you have to be quick.

As far as I remember some of the quant. Questions were:


1.A boat travels at 30k.m/hr upstream and 40 k.m/hr downstream.What is the speed of the boat in still water?

2.Man buys two articles for Rs. 1250/- each.One is sold at 16% loss.At what price must 2nd article be sold to gain 20% overall?

3.A man buys 12 pens out of which 2 are defective.If he chooses 4 pens from the lot what’s the probability that all 4 pens are non-defective?


5.What is the least number(among 4 options) that can be substracted from 6534 to obtain a perfect square?

6.Problem on ages

7.problem on Pie chart

8.Two taps A and B can fill up a tank in 15 mins.and 21 mins. respectivelyThey are opened together and after 4 mins A is closed.In how much time B will fill up
the remaining part?

9.If x^2-4x+7=2 then x lies between i)0