(Paper) L&T  Fresher Job Interview Placement Pattern : Powai (Maharashtra):  2010


L&T  Fresher Job Interview Placement Pattern : Powai (Maharashtra):  2010

Company Name: L&T
Type: Fresher Job Interview

I am mechanical engineer. Student in MSRIT, Bangalore. I got selected in L&T  which came to our college for campus recruitment.

No. of rounds: 2
Written and Interview (Technical and HR)

There were three sections in the written round
1. Numerical ability
2. English consisting of comprehension and there were no anonyms and synonym type questions.
3. Reasoning.

There was sectional cutoff and no negative marking. I got selected in written test. Results were announced after 1 hour. After that they gave a form to fill about your academic and personal information. The interview was a mix of HR and technical type. As entered he asked me to sit then he started to ask questions.

Q.1.Tell me something about yourself ?
Ans. You should answer about your family background, native place, hobbies, etc.

Q.2. He asked questions about hobbies ?
Ans. I told

Q.3 Then he asked about my project.
Ans. I told

Q.4. He asked about my favorite subject.
Ans. Material sciences

Q.5. Explain iron carbon diagram?
I told

Q.6. Any other subject ?

Q.7. Tell me second law of the modynamics ?
I told

Q.8. Kelvin Planck and Clausius statement ?
I told

Q.9. A common example of 2nd law ?
Ans. Refrigerator

Q.10. Explain refrigeration cycle ?
Ans. I told

Q.11 Explain Otto cycle ?
Ans. I told

Q.12. Have you studied fluid mechanics ?
Ans. Yes but I do not know much

Q.13. What is the mechanism used in steering wheel ?
Ans. I do not know sir

Q.14 What as an engineer. Can you give 2 society ?
Ans. Blah blah blah

Q.15. What's your aim in life ?
Ans. I told

Q.16. Any questions
Ans. About training period and what type of work will I do if get selected
Interviewer: ok Anand it was nice meeting you, best of luck.

The results came after seven days and fortunately I got selected. In total 15 candidate were selected in which 11 were from mechanical, 3 from electrical and 1 from instru.

Exam/Interview Date: 19-Oct-2010
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test
Contributor Name: Kumar Anand