(Paper) Latest L&T Infotech Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 17-December-2010

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Latest  L&T Infotech Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 17-December-2010

Company Name: L&T info tech
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hi friends,
First I wanna say that "All the very best to all of you". Totally 4 rounds.

First Round:

Written which consists of 3 sections. verbal, aptitude and reasoning.(90 questions 30 from each section) 90 min.
** No negative mark but having sectional cutoff.
I feel reasoning and verbal was very simple and aptitude little tough but if regular practice is there easily crack that round.
Nearly 600 above attended the first round at morning 8.30. and result came at noon 1pm.
they selected 117 students from that and my name is also there .then we are directed to attend GD.

Second Round:

Topic for me is "We can make voting age as more than 25" I argued against for this topic. (some other topics are " Life after death", "corruption can be legalized or not", Advertisements and so on")
GD is also an elimination round. only 30 students got selected from GD and thank god my name is also there.

Third Round:

Then, Technical interview starts immediately, and i was called at 8.30pm.Really the person questioned me was cool they are asking most of questions from our area of interest specified in our resume (So careful in that)
I answered most of the questions. if your not confident about answer say it directly. they are checking only our logic in programming language and some basics in that and my technical interview went good. then they asked to come for HR next day morning..

Final Round:

Whole night I was nervous but some hope inside me. Next morning 10 am we assembled but my name was was called at noon 2.45..
HR was really good.
Me: may I come in sir?
Sir: yes
Me: good noon sir.
Sir: yes sit down.
Me: thank u sir.
Sir: Tel me something about sterday's GD session (He is only judged in my GD also)
Me: I said something about my topic and my co-mates points.
Sir: (by seen my resume) you specified that your easy going person so if i reject u what will you do? even you take dat as easy?
Me: I will feel for little time den i will analyze myself in which point i lost and correct it and give my best in next interview sir, i wont take it into my mind and fed up..
Sir: fine, Do u know anything about Shakespeare (even i did not mention my hobbies as reading books but he asked)
Me: yes sir, i studied in my school days.
Sir: What all?
Me: some poetries and plays
Sir: tell any one name of his play?
Me: merchant of Venice
Sir: Write the character names in that play (gave one paper)
Me: wrote in dat paper and explain their relations
Sir: can you summaries that play?
Me: explained....
Sir: what is the moral?
Me: I told that should not be greedy..
Sir: smiled) and told fine. den he said that's all your interview got over u can go..
Me: thank u sir.

Finally at 5.30 pm they announced the result from 30 students 25 got selected and by god's grace my name is also there..
Am really very happy because attended 4 companies before that..
finally I wanna say that,
Faith in God, Be confident, Don't lose your hope. You will get what you deserve. Good Luck friends.

Exam/Interview Date: 17-December-2010
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Group Discussion - GD, Client/Manager Interview.
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