(PAPER) LEHMAN Placement Paper + Pattern (FULL INFO)

(PAPER) LEHMAN Placement Paper + Pattern (FULL INFO)


Short Listing of Resume

Q. Does company uses its own form or uses standard placement form?
A. Standard placement form is used by Lehman Brothers for the campus recruitment.

Q. Is it a company practice to apply the shortlist to the resumes submitted?
A. Yes, the shortlist is generally applied to the resumes submitted.

Q. What comprises that shortlist? Is the shortlist qualifying in nature or eliminatory merit based)?
A. The shortlist is qualifying in nature.

Q. What is normally the ratio of shortlisted candidates to the total applicants at (i.e. how many people are shortlisted vs. applied) at the Institute.
A. Generally, one out of three shortlisted candidates are selected.

Q. Is there advantage for people with work experience? If yes, please specify?
A. It depends on the work experience and the requirement of the company. Only relevant work experience is counted, otherwise there is no advantage.

Q. Does the company looks towards any preference for any particular background of students in the shortlist?
A. Yes. Typically engineers with quantitative backgrounds are favored.

Q. What's the importance of the academic performance in making it to the shortlist?
A. Yes, the academics play a very important role in making the cut.

Q. Does extra-curricular activities play any role in the shortlist process?
A. Extra-curricular activities do not play a crucial role in shortlisting.

Q. Should the resume highlight on certain aspects? What qualities should a candidate highlight in his/her resume to make the cut?
A. Candidates interested in a career with Lehman should highlight their "Quantitative abilities " with real work / projects done that vouch for the candidate's skills. They should declare their "Commitment to a finance-related career".

Q. What is the biggest mistake a candidate can make in his/her resume?
A. The biggest mistake can be " providing false information". Writing about stuff that the candidate was either not involved or just superficially involved in is surest way to saying goodbye to your chances.

Written Test

Lehman Brother does not administer a written test.

Group Discussions

GD is an not a part of the recruitment process of Lehman Brother.

Case Studies

The company does not conduct any case studies.

Group situation

The company does not conduct any group situtations.

Preliminary Interview

There is no preliminary interview per se. But a series of interviews are conducted.

Final Interview

Q. What is the duration of interview /number of panelists?
A. The successful candidates have to appear through 2 to 3 interviews. These series of interviews are of 30-40 minutes duration each. Each interview panel comprises of two-three panelists each.

Q. How does the interview start?
A. The panelists introduce themselves and the group that comprises the Interview panel they work in.

Q. What types of questions are asked in the interview?
A. Questions asked in Interview on ranges from subject matter, general knowledge, academics related to personal and ethical questions. Emphasis is on technical questions. You will be typically quizzed about your math/finance-related courses/projects. Also questions related to current markets/industry news are asked.

Q. Does company create situations akin to 'stress interview'?
A. Sometimes, there might be "stress interviews". Typically, this could involve firing one question after the other at the candidate without giving him time to think or answer, or trying to downplay the candidate's achievements.

Q. Is integrity important? Does company try to test the candidate's integrity (give a sample question if possible)?
A. YES! Be sure to include only those projects/works in which you worked or were involved.

Q. What do you think the company is trying to assess in the candidate during the interview?
A. Company tries to access a candidate on following areas:
Technical strength, Integrity, Ability to work hard, Commitment to investment banking career, and ability to work in the company's culture.

Q. What type of environment is there during the interview?
A. The atmosphere in interview room is usually relaxed, semi-formal, but panelists could try to simulate a stressful environment.

Q. What type of dress code is suitable for the company? (formal /semi formal /informal)?
A. Formal are in.

Q. How does the interview end?
A. Typically, panelists would thank the candidate and say a closing remark like "It was nice to meet you" or "Good Luck".

Q. Does the company repeat interview questions?
A. Sometimes. There are no fixed company questions. But individual interviewers typically repeat their questions.

Q. How can a candidate better prepare himself for the interview?
A. Be prepared to talk about the stuff that is written down in the resume. Find out a little bit about the company, its businesses, its cultures and the job profile that the company is interviewing for. Before convincing the interviewer, convince yourself that you will be suitable for the job. (Information about the company is available at Cool Avenues ComBasicsTM and CorpodomTM section.)

Q. Does company make spot offer during the interview?
A. Yes, spot offers are made during the interview.

Q. What is the biggest mistake a candidate can make during the interview?
A. BigGEST mistake would be by not being truthful, not being attentive. Its important to listen to the panelist, understand what he/she is trying to seek from that question and answer accordingly. Also, not maintaining a positive attitude.

Higher Entry?

Q. Does company consider higher entry for the candidates with work ex?
A. Yes, higher entry is possible for guys with work experience.

Q. Does company apply any cut off criteria for the work experience or age (if yes, what are these?)
A. No

Q. What is the difference between entry level of people with and without work ex?
A. People with relevant work ex could be offered an Associate's position whereas non-work ex typically join as Senior Analysts.

Q. In giving the weightage does company look for relevant work ex?
A. Yes


Q. What is the total compensation offered by the company at entry level? What is the final figure after confirmation?
A. Starting level: $95,000 p.a.
After one year, could vary between $105,000 and $140,000

Q. Is salary negotiable?
A. Typically, no. But someone with a really relevant work ex could try.

Q. Does company provide accommodation?
A. Yes, for a month at time of joining.

Q. What are the job locations offered at the time of initially joining and after confirmation?
A. New York, London, Hongkong, Tokyo are the locations that could be offered by the company.