Section 1- maths/quantitative reasoning-30 ques
Section 2- logical reasoning/aptitude- 30 ques
Negative marking- ?
Total time- 1 hr 15 min


Important points:


-         plis see that they give quanta first and aptitude later however in the answer sheet  aptitude column is printed on the top. Do not put quanta ans in the apti sec. Some people made that mistake

-         do not try to attempt more than 17 questions in each sec. Once u hav done 17 go to the next sec and later if u hav time come back

-         the cut off is 12 marks in both the secs separately

About section 1:

Really tough,

Select questions very wisely; some are very difficult and time consuming while others take no time

Give more stress on rejection rather than selection of questions

Avoid guessworks


About section 2:

This is really easy if chosen wisely

I advice don?t try to solve puzzles which hav 2-4 ques based on some situations. They take time, are difficult, and there are more chances of them being incorrect.

Choose to do only one statement ques. They are very simple. Try them.

Read analogy from R.S.AGGARWAL. Two of the ques were from there.



  1. If length of  a rectangle is reduced by 3 cms and breadth by 4cm, we get a square having the same area as of rectangle. Then the perimeter of rectangle is?[50]

  2. 17 times a no. when subtracted from twice the square of the no. the remainder is 85. what is the no? [no correct ans was given]

  3. ques like- 30 men can build a wall 400 mt long in 15 days. How many men can build a wall 500 m long in 20 days?

  4. given M.P. is rs.640. if a discount of 35.87% is given then there is a loss of 11.11%. what is the C.P.?

  5. if a,b,c,d,e are in a.p  what is the value of a-4b+2c+3d+e?

  6. questions on clocks

  7. 4 nos are given- which one is a perfect square?

  8. stream and boat questions on relative speed

  9. pipes and cisterns questions

  10. Probability question



Questions come on : puzzles, direction tests, analogy, birth relations,coding-decoding 

  1. apple=125, bucket=216, then curd=?[64]

  2. bowl:curd [envelope:letter]

  3. amit goes 5 km east, then 4 km south, then 5 km east. To which direction is he pointing from the starting point?

  4. a needle turns 110? clockwise from east then turns 155? anticlockwise. Which direction does it show?

  5. tina is as younger from her elder sister as she is older from her youngest sis. If the sum of the ages of all three is 60. then tina?s age is?

  6. a city has 800 people taking non-veg, 400 taking veg and 200 taking both. In the non-veg people, 400 take chicken, 200 mutton and 150 both.  A no. of questions 4-5
     were framed on this like-

How many take only mutton?

How many don?t take veg?

How many take veg and also chicken?

[ don?t go for such questions as far as possible as they take too much time and also there are easier questions to be solved]