(Paper) Campus Placement Paper KANBAY (Aptitude Pattern)

Paper : Campus Placement

Aptitude Questions

Q1) Average of 5 innings is 20. If four innings are 32, 10, 40 and 12 find the
5th inning score.

Q2) Area of path around a square is 256 sq.m. Find the width of path if the side
of square is 30m.

Q3) A company increases the bonus 3 times of its 50 employees. What is the %
increase in bonus?

Q4) A man swims in a river 5 min upstream and 5 min downstream. Starting at A and
ending at B. What is the speed of the man?

Q5) NESTIN is a jumbled word. What are the first and last letters of the correct

Q6) There is enough material to fence 30m linear. Also there is old fence on
oneside of the plot. Find the length and breadth of the plot.

Q7) In a game of Snooker A gives B 18 points for 90, A gives C 10 points for 60.
How many can C give B in a game of 70?

Q8) C is the daughter of B. h is the brother of C. F is the father of C. G is the
son of F. D is the brother of F. What is the relationship between C and D?

Q9) A moves 25km North and then finds that she is movin the wrong way. She then
takes a right turn and moves 2km. Then again she takes a right turn

and moves 25km. How much distance does she have to travel to now reach the
starting point?

Q10) Some cats are good. Some cats are black.

Conclusions to be chosen from the given multiple choices.

Q11) Gold is 19 times heavier than water. Copper is 9 times heavier than water.
In what ratio should they be mixed so that the alloy is 15 times heavier than

Q12) A sphere of radius r is placed inside a cylinder of height 2r which just
fits. What is the Volume of the empty space?

Q13) A is 3 times as old as B. B is 4 years older than C. If C is Z years old
express A in terms of Z.

Q14) A is punctual. All punctual are on time.

Conclusion to be chosen from the given multiple choises.

Q15) a_ _ _baccba_ _ _aa

Q16) Srikanth has borrowed Rs 3000 at 10% C.I.. He has to repay that after 3
years in 3 equal installments. How much does he have to pay as an installment?

Q17) Given a date and day, the question was to calculate the day of the date June
12, 1979.

Q18) The weight of a Bucket full of water is 17 kg, the weight of the same bucket
with half full water is 13.5 kg. What is the weight of the Bucket?

Q19) In a party attended by boys and girls where the girls outnumbered the boys
Rs 280 was distributed. Each boy was given Rs 10 and each girl Rs 20.

How many boys are there?

Q20) 10% of an army died. 10% of the were ill. 12% of the rest met with an
accident. What is the total number of the original army if 7 lakhs were finally

Q21) A started a business with Rs 1700 amount. B joined A after 3 months , C
joined after 6 months. If the profit is Rs 1700 and they shared it in the

Ratio of 2:3:5 how much did B and C invest?

Q22) A beats B by 24m. A beats C by 20m. C beats B by 1 sec. In how many seconds
does A complete the race of distance 120m.

Q23) VIJAY is coded as YLMDB. STOP is coded as VWRS.

A few questions were given based on this code.

Q24) 9 3 6 2 ? 1 4 7 8

Q25) 20 15 10 15 10 5 10 ? 10

Q26) Which is larger Rs 35 : Rs 1.40 or Rs 48 : Rs 1.44

Q27) A travels between two places while going with 4 km/hr and while returning at
16 km/hr. What is his average speed.

Q28) In a group of people 600 are Non-veg and 400 are Veg. Of these 150 are both
Non-Veg and Veg. In the Non-Veg 300 eat Mutton and 400 eat

Chicken.(i) Find the number of people who eat only Non-Veg Mutton.(ii) Who eat
only Veg.

Q29) In a wall clock the smaller needle is between 8 and 9 and the larger makes a
right angle with it. Find the exact time.

Q30) If the temperature increases uniformly from 9 am to 2 pm and it increases
from 21 C to 36 C. What is the temperature at noon?

Q31) Place a word in the brackets such that it makes a meaningful suffix to the
first part and a meaningful prefix to the second part. TEM (_ _ _ _) ERS

correct choice PEST from the given multiple choices.

Q32) A monkey climbs 3m of a greased pole in 1 minute and then slips 1m in the
next. When will he reach the top of the pole of 12 m?

Q33) The Alphabet that is 3 from the right to the letter between K and S.

Q34) Length and Breadth of a Rectangle are 100 m and 6 m. Find the area of a road
around the rectangle with a width of 5m.

Q35) Find the figure with the highest Area

i) Circle with r=2.

ii) Equilateral Triangle with Side = 4.

iii) Square of diagonal =2.

iv) Triangle with a=8, b=5 and c=4.

Q36) A boat moves 10 km upstream and returns to the same point in 45minutes. The
speed of the stream is 3km/hr. The speed of the boat is ?

Q37) Given an Equilateral triangle of side 10m. A cow is tied to one end. The
length of the rope is 7 m. The area covered by the cow is ?

Q38) A is 7th from the left, B is 9th from the right, if they exchange A is 11th
from the left. The total number of persons is?

Q39) A person moves 5 km East, turns right moves 4 km and then turns right again
and moves 5 km. What is the position of the person from the starting point?

Q40) If PLEASE is coded as RMIGKI, then SLEEP is coded as

Q41) If TRUCK = 25 and DERIVE = 36 , What is CAPTAIN ?

Q42) A rectangular field of length 30 m and breadth 18 m. A carpet of 20 cm width
is to be used to cover the field. The carpet costs 0.50ps per metre.

What is the total cost of carpeting?

Q43) A person travels 20km towards North, he takes left and travels for 15km,
then he takes left and travels for 20km. In what direction is the travelling

Q44) A train goes from A to B at 50 km/hr and comes back at 40 km/hr and hence
takes an hour more time to return. What is the distance between A and B?

Q45) D/23, 17/F, I/12, 8/M, R/5, ?/?

46. What is implied in the following sentence, During war the two countries
formed allied.

I) There was war

II) the two countries are companions

a) I only b) II only c) I & II both d) neither I or II

47. What is the conclusion from the following sentence

A group of people are rich

A group of people are educated

I) Rich are educated

II) A group of people are neither rich or educated

a) I only b) II only c) both I & II d) none of these

48. What is implied from the following .All fathers are sons. No father is

I) All sons are educated

II) All fathers are uneducated

a) I only b) II only c) I & II both d) neither I or II

49. All Donkey are Elephant .All Elephants are Cat

a) All Cats are elephant

b) All Elephants are donkey

c) All cats are Donkey

d) All Donkeys are cat

i) only a ii) only b & c iii) all the above iv) a ,b&c ( i'm not sure of
the answer & option)

50. 4 set of words are given out of which one is odd man ,find it?

a) sigh b) cough c) talk d) sniff

ans: c

51. Two question in which 4 option of jumble words are given find the odd man

a) llatfoob b) rictek c) llasm d) nisnet

(Except one all are representing games football,cricket & tennis)

ans) c.

52. ABCD are on the 4 corner of the square each has to pass the sides of a
square once

they move in clockwise direction which one is true

ans... B is south-east of D

53.. On seeing a portray a person says "he is the son of my father ,my
father has only one daughter"

How many children does the person's father have

ans) cann't be determined

10. Average of three numbers A,B,C is 17 when A is replaced by D the average
increases by 2

what is the value of D?

a) 16 b) 18 c) 12 d) none of these

ans) d.

54. Mr.Mukherjee has two sons Ashok ,Sham.Mr & Mrs sharma have 2 children
Rekha & Anand

If Rekha is married to sham & they have 2 children priya & Kamal then
how is anand related to priya

a) uncle b) maternal uncle c) brother d) none of these

. Question from the same passage(55-56)

Two cubes are kept together that it has two faces and 6 sides they are brushed
with red paint then it was cut

into 25 pieces

55. How many side of the cube will have at least 2 side painted

56. How many side would not have only one side painted

57. If two days from tomorrow is Thursday then what will be 2 days before

a) Friday b) Saturday c) Sunday d) none of these

58. What is the day on 1978 Jan 12

a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Friday d) Wednesday

59.Find the number in the space

4 3 8

9 ? 1

2 7 6

a) 4 b) 5 c) 2 d) none of these

60. If the flight starts at Hong Kong at 1 am local time it reach London 7pm
find the travel time?

a) it takes 7 hours to reach from Hong Kong to London

b) in Hong Kong it is 7am local time

(i am not sure with timing and the question exactly same)

61. If Kamal is coded as IVSVT then what is VIMAL

62. Series question like 1,5,11,......... (not sure)

63. _11_11_01_01_01

a) 00000 b) 01110 c) 10001 d) 11111 like this type of question


65. An unbiased coin is tossed 8 times what is the probability of getting at
least 6 heads.

66. There are 6red ,4 white,3black balls what is the probability of drawing 2
red balls.


67. There are two pipes p,q which can empty a container at 24hr,32hr
respectively.both the pipes are opened

simultaneously after what time should the first pipe be closed so that the
container is emptied in 16minutes.

68. A lady bought 7pineapples and 5 oranges for 38rupees.what is the cost of
each pineapple.


69. x+y=40,(1/x) +(1/y) =60.what is the value of x,y

70. n+m+p=0,n is positive,m>n.what is the value of p?

a) p<0 b) p>0 c) d)

ans:p<0 (not exactely the same.a model)

71.Total number of students appeared for the test 500

2 passed in maths

6 passed in english

48 passed in social science

4 failed in english

120 failed in maths

(a) Find out the No of people failed totally

(b) No of people attended the test

72.Which is greater (1000) pow1001 and 1001pow999

73.One container contains milk and water in the ratio 3:7 and the other contains
8:11,in what ratio these two containers is to be mixed so that the ratio

of milk and water is 4:5.

74.There are two simple problems on time and work

75.Four points will be given and you have to frame two st. line eq.s in such a
way that their point of interesection lies in one of the four options

76.There are two to three problems on profit and loss which are little bit time
taking ,so i didn't attempt.

a series of nos will be given where the Ans can be found by observing the diff
bet two consecutive nos

Logical Reasoning

77.air is cloud cloud is rain rain is water wateris sand so what is cloud?

Ans :sand

78.traffic: signal Ans : river :dam

79.dsoighkl now if lk-(?) -sd , find letter in 4th place

80.some mammals are donkeys allbuffalos will have horns based on this 3 quesions
r ther

81.cube is of size 5*5*5 .every side has been coloured. it is divided into 125
equal parts.

1) what is the no. of parts having only one side coloured -Ans : 54.

2) no. of parts having two sided coloured -Ans:36.

3) having no side coloured - Ans: 27

82.(Kind of Question) Four persons are there wearing different coloured shirts
eg. A,B,C,D wearing blue ,green, red, yellowNow,

1. A cannot wear yellow.

2. B can wear blue or green.

3. C /D is wearing yellow.

You have to find who is wearing which coloured shirt

83.Find the root of 4a2+b2+c2+4ab-2bc-4ac Ans: 2a+b-c

84.Two pipes can fill a tank in 5 hrs and 8 hrs. while a hole can empty it in 40
hrs. What will be the time taken to fill if each operate at a time.

Soln: 1\x == 1\5 + 1\8 - 1\40

85.A can beat B by 20 mts. While C can beat B by 40 mts. In a race of 100 mts.
By how much can C beat A?

Soln: 75 mts.

86.If u start your journey 30 minutes late , u have to increase your speed
by250kms\hr. to cover up 1500 kms. In same time.

What is your usual speed? Ans: 750kms\hr.

87.A person spent 21 pounds in a drink party. If the vodka costs twice that of
beer. And lemonade cost is 1/2 of beer.

How much this person is spent for beer.

Ans 6 pounds

88.What is odd in this sequence?

i) T.T. ii) Volleyball iii) Badminton .....

Ans Volleyball(check

89.Cat : Mouse Ans Bird : Worm

90.A boy is going with a dog Lucky. He has a bottle full of water. He drinks 1/3
and gives 1/2 of rest to the dog and then he drinks

1/4 of the rest then what will the fraction of total water remaining.

Ans 1/12

91.A person goes forward 10m , turns to his right and walks 5m, then he always
turns left 5,15,15 then what will be the displacement from starting point?

Ans 10 or 5(check)

92.A cuboid of dimensions 8x5x4 cm3(cetimeter cube) . How many 2cm side cubes can
be placed in this cuboid? Ans 16

93. problems on algorithms ie. eg.

1. A=0, B=1, C=1

2. A is replaced by C

3. B is replaced by 2A+1

4. C is replaced by A+B

5. If C>=100 goto step 7 else goto step 6

6. goto 2

7. stop.

then you have to ans. some 3 questions based on the above algorithm.

i) What is the value of A? Ans 40

ii) What is the value of B? Ans 27

iii) What is the max no. of iterations till C<= 100. Ans 3

94.A & B are 2 men . A speaks truth 75% cases and B speaks 80%. Find the
probablity of contradicting each other.

Ans 35%

95.Present population of town is 35,000 having males and females. If The
population of males is increased by 6% and if the

population of females is increased by 4%, then after 1 year the population
becomes 36,700.Find the number males and females.


96.Tickets(from 1 to 15) and the probablity of drawing two tickets without
replacement having even no.s .

Ans 1/5

97.Room ( 8m * 5m) Brick Size (20cm * 10cm) Find the no. of bricks.

Ans 2000

98.Length of rectangular plot is 3 times its breadth having area 3 hectare . A
man walks on its perimeter at 4 km/hr .Find the time required ?

Ans 12 min

99.HCTAM = MATCH then ELBAC = ?


100.A is brother of P, B is daughter of A, C is brother of B. Who is the uncle
of B?

Ans P