(INTERVIEW) Interview Experience (TESTING) in POLARIS

Interview Experience (TESTING) in POLARIS ,got selected

Hai friends,

I got selected on last saturday in polaris for testing profile.I would like to share my experience with u all as like others so that it may be useful.

There were 2 rounds on the same day-first was technical,second was technical & hr combined.

In first round they checked my basics in java , c++ & DS like what is a pointer,pure virtual fns,wrapper class,interface etc.This took place around 12:00PM for around 20 min.They keep on confusing u but it's important to stick on to the answer.They filtered many in this round.

After 6 &1/2 hrs i.e around or after 6:30PM, was my 2nd round.Here lies an importance that u don't show any tiredness & frustration on ur face.Even if there r long gaps between the rounds in interviews it's important to maintain little freshness & also not to get panicked.Just stay cool.Here they asked me questions on my project,sql server( which i mentioned in my CV) like wot is cursor,creating table syntax,view,advantages of java,whether i would like to work for this profile,abt the company.U can manage the questions which u doesn't know by saying that u don't know or not able to recollect.Overall they checked factors like confidence,accuracy,answering capabilities,little on dress code too.Overall it's not a too difficult interview as they didn't go into too much depth.The questions they ask are based on rating u specify like i mentioned 5-6 & 6-7.After this round they asked me to wait outside & within 2min i was informed that i got selected.Hope this may be useful
for u all.