(Interview) Tips And Tricks : Employer's Thinking

Interview : Employer's Thinking 
General Interview Tips And Tricks

General Recruiting Goals
The company wants to attract and hire competent and motivated people who have experience with, or potential for working their technologies. Recruiting Challenges The technology job market is extremely competitive, there's a huge demand for technical talent. General Recruiting Process
 Hiring manager develops job description and gets approval for the position.

  •  Recruiter develops recruiting sources and posts the position

  •  Applicants email resumes

  •  Recruiter reviews resumes

  •  Recruiter phone screens promising applicants

  •  Technical team and hiring managers interview candidates

  •  Recruiter checks references

  •  Recruiter or hiring manager extends offer

  •  Offer is negotiated

  •  New team welcomes candidate, if applicable

Interviewer's job at the Interview:

  •  Make sure that the candidate is comfortable so that he/she can perform their best

  •  Ask Technical Questions to assess the candidate's technical knowledge

  •  Ask open-ended questions that require more than a yes/no answer

  •  Let the candidate do most of the talking, just listen and evaluate

  •  Get a feel for candidate's enthusiasm about the company and new technologies

  •  Tell all good things about day-to-day life at the company

  •  Tell them how the company can make them financially rich