(Interview) Tips And Tricks : Top GD Tips : GROUP--DISCUSSION

Interview : Top GD Tips : GROUP--DISCUSSION
General Interview Tips And Tricks

DO's For a GD :-

1. SPEAK - very important

2. Be a good listener

3. Address the whole group,not a single person

4. Initiate & Begin - BUT only if u have a good point

5. Utilize the lull - speak when others r quite

6. Be Involved

7. BE Coherent


DON'Ts For a GD :

1. Don't be INERT

2. Don't be too AGGRESSIVE either

3. Avoid one to one discussions

4. Don't Rush

5. Avoid Hindi

6. Don't Interrupt Abruptly - to calm down say

    " you are right..............but I Think ..........."


GD - Points Marked on :

1. Audibility : Communication skills , Sell urself

2. Analysis : supported by facts & examples

3. Content : Obtain by good reading

4. Team Work

5.Demeanor : Body Language counts,

                          don't  sit  cross-legged

6. Leadership : People should listen and agree to u


GD Types :

 1. Factual : Disinvestment , India 's GDP ,

Software Scenario

2. Controversial : Foreign Indian-PM

3. Abstract : The Blu Dot , Girl

4. Case Study : 

1. A situation is given, we have to find  a solution to the problem existing

2. Order things according to priority and give reasons

5. Group Task : Important for SATYAM


Necessity of a GD:-

1. Clarity of thoughts.

2. Team spirit.

3. Listening skill.


Points to be remembered for a good GD.

1. Body language.

2. Thinking a few minutes before starting of a GD.

3. Don't feel anyone is better than you.

4. Don't mix your personal emotions in GD.

5. continues with your ideas. Don't let it down when any body try to stop in chaos period.

6. Select a different point of view; stronger one that attracts other eyes and idea.

7. Never blame anyone there. Don't talk to one person talk to all of them so that there is a pleasing atmosphere.

8. Lend your ears to every one's point of view and timely attack them considering all.

9. Don't look at conductors.

10.  Speak slowly and confidently.

11. Tell a lie confidently but some relevant data so that you could not be caught.

12. Never contradict yourself.

13. Always support the IIMA guy; may be that is you.

14. What ever is the topic don't leave fighting; something about that you always know.

15. Never conclude the topic, until it is asked to do so.

16. Fight for speaking, snatch chances.

17. Be precise and have a strong point to speak.


Different parts of a GD: - (considering a 15 minutes GD).

  • Chaos period. (1-2 minutes).

  • Generating ideas. (7-8 minutes).

  • Building on ideas. (5-6 minutes).

  • Conclusion. (rarely comes; ? - 1 minutes)  

Group discussion is a ?rejection procedure? not a selecting one.

Any body is winning means you are losing the game.

?One is always better than you?, believe this.



 Tip 1 : Brushing up on your general awareness is a must. Being aware of current affairs and issues and happenings, which affect our lives, however remotely, shows a well-rounded personality. Interest in one's environment is an essential quality for a manager, as only when he is well informed about all the facets is he able to take correct decisions. Make a habit of reading newspapers like TOI and Economic Times and general interest and business magazines like Frontline, Outlook and Business India.

Tip 2 : Being aware of current happenings is not enough. One must also form opinions on those happenings and issues that arise. Think about what you feel about different issues, say, terrorism. Write down your thoughts. Ask yourself why you feel that way, what are the premises underlying your thoughts and beliefs. Also question whether your point of view is based on facts, or on opinions and hearsay.


Tip 3 : The process of opinion formation is incomplete without getting inputs from others. Get into the habit of discussing issues with your friends and family. Hear multiple points of view. Listen, question and argue. Express your opinion. If you are proven wrong, accept it with good grace. Modify your opinions as you go along. This will help you clear your own thought process plus it will get you into the habit of discussion.

Tip 4 : While discussing, learn to check your temper. Maybe you'll find others holding view which are abhorrent to you. But remember that they have a right to their opinions. Everyone does. Learn to respect their points of views even if you don't accept them. It shows maturity on your part. This will be a good training for controlling your emotions, which is of utmost importance in a GD.

Tip 5 : Practice: Try and mobilize other people who are interested in GDs and simulate GDs. Get someone who has been through GDs before to observe it and give you feedback on your performance. It is better if the group consists of people who you don't know too well