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Hi everyone, this story is all about a campus recruitment drive. I would like to share my experience, the eager tensions after completion of each round, the competitions in the outside world and a new experience at the end of each drive. Even though have already placed in a company (KEANE), a sort of insecurity started to haunt me because it was the time recession was at its beginning. Then came a light at the end of the tunnel, as I went through the notice board to find an interview being held in K.G.F (around 6 hour journey from my place) for BALLY technologies. © 2009 Placementpapers.net

With an added responsibility of the college coordinator, I collected the list of participating students for d interview, just to find out 30+ students in the list, as the test eligibility was 70 % in B.E. The previous day just went in search of the files and updating resumes as we had the interview after a long time. With just a single cup of tea & loads of blessing from parents my journey began at 4 A.M, I was joined by karthik and Max in Bangalore; even a bunch of electrical girls joined us in bang. We boarded Rajahamsa bus as we were running out of time. By the time we reached the college it was 9.45 against our reporting time at 9.00, just to find out the company people will be arriving around 11.30, it was not new for us as we faced such situation in most other companies also. © 2009 Placementpapers.net

It was around 12 in noon the company people have arrived, directly moved to the ppt, Uffff it was 45 min sleepy lecture as we woke early in mrng, so they informed about the company in detail & the package, it was 3.5 highest among the companies visited our coll (keane-2.75). A tough competition was ahead as it is a pool campus & we had around 12 coll attending the event. First round was the General Aptitude followed by the C/C++ Aptitude; both rounds consisted of 30 questions in 30 mins. Just a bit of sharing with Kan & Max we all 3 had the hopes of clearing first 2 rounds. © 2009 Placementpapers.net

Later we people moved to lunch and started our wait for results. It was around 2-3 the results were out. Among 300+ only 30 were short listed, Among 30, four were from our coll, Me, Kavya, Amruth and Sheela. Kan n max was not lucky but they enjoyed later moving to the nearby tourist spot, I missed that. Next round was the group discussion round, a tedious round were in you need to show all your skills in 10 or less mins. © 2009 Placementpapers.net

For me, GD is not a problem as I have cleared all G.D’s I have gone through (L n T, Keane). I & Kavya were in the 3rd group, it was around 4 in the evening G.D began. The tough competitions awaited, really it’s your voice and the pitch you speak will only get through the round. Our topic for discussion was “Is cricket given much of importance in India”, was a familiar topic and really we had heated arguments for and against the topic. I too spoke very well & had hopes of getting through this round. We four from our college waited in the hall for another 15min just sharing each other’s experience in the G.D. By that time results were out, It was shocking just 10 were short listed; only 2 from our group; I was the alone from our college. Rest 3 of them left campus around 5 after a bit of evening chats, But I was more tensed about the next coming rounds; hardly had a cup of tea and assembled back in the seminar hall. © 2009 Placementpapers.net

First round of Technical started at around 6.30; each person was screwed around 25-30 min, I was the 3rd one to enter the room. A pleasant gesture of smile from a mid aged person. I began with my introduction later he asked some question about Data structures and Operating systems, but I was not up to the extent; True to my heart, I did not answer well in this round. But luckily I was selected even in this round. Finally we were 4 among 300+ at the start of the day. It was around 8 I believe 2 parallel interviews were held for us. In this round they screwed like anything. It lasted around 45 min, this round has full of coding, about my mini Project, even some of the Puzzles. As it was late night, 2nd technical has been combined with the H.R round. I slipped a bit in the puzzles, but was good at coding, had huge hopes of getting through the company. © 2009 Placementpapers.net

It was around 10 P.M, Company people informed to leave for the day and the results will be sent to respective colleges. We four unknown people till then became very good friend by the time we left the coll. It was around 3-4 in the morning I came back home. A beautiful journey of 24Hr. The next two day was like years for me. So finally got a call from placement officer on the 3rd day. Among four two were selected, I was not the one among them. It hurt a lot at that time, but a bit of more efforts at right time would have landed me in a good place.

I learnt a lot from this golden 24 hrs journey. FAILURES ARE THE STEPPING STIONES FOR SUCCESS. One more thing, Yesterday I got mail from my previous company, all the offers made during this year has been cancelled, due to the economic turndown, sorry for the inconvenience. . “LIFE”….I am ready for your CHALLENGE….

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Exam/Interview Date : 14-Aug-2008
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Techincal Round-1, Techincal Round-2, Group Discussion - GD, Client/Manager Interview
Location : Bangalore

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