(Paper) Infotech Placement Paper (Aptitude)

Paper: Infotech Placement Paper (Aptitude)

1. The ratio of ages of vishnu and jyothi are in the ratio 4:3 and their sum of their ages is 28.after 8 yrs the ratio of their ages will be

2.the avg age of of a class is some x.y(ex:15.8).the avg age of all boys is some a.b(ex:16.8) n the avg age of all girls is some c.d(ex:13.2). the ratio of no of boys to no of girls is

3.a train 300m long takes 30s to cross a man walking at 5kmph in the same direction and reaches the next station after 15min.the time taken by man to reach station is

4.a container contains wine to its full cpacity.4lit of wine is taken out and water is poured. again .4lit of mix is taken out and 4 lit of water is poured. After this the ratio of wine is 36:49.the capacity of container is

5.a,b,c can do a piece of work in 2,3,4 days respectively. a and b started and after working for two days c replaces b. the rest of the work is completed in _______days.

6.a,b,c invested 2000,3000,4000 and after 1yr the profits were distributed in the ratio 1:2. The time c joined is?

7.speed of boat in still water is 5kmph and rate of stream is 1kmph.a man takes 75min to row down n up to the same place. the distance he traveled is

8.present population of a village is 5000.after 6 yrs it population is 6000.if the population increases at the same rate then after 18 yrs the population will be

9.The difference between compound interest n simple interest for 2yrs at 10%rate calculated annually is RS.160.if compounded half yearly then the diff would be.

10.a man bought a horse and sold it for 10% gain. if he had bought it for 20% less and sold it for RS.100 more then his profit would be 40%.what is CP of horse.

11.a square field of 110 meter have 4mts path parallel to both sides. The area of the path is.

12.A n B can fill a tank in 4hrs n 5hrs respectively. if they r opened alternatively then the time taken to fill the tank is