(Paper) Nov 27th Infosys Test Paper

(Paper) Nov 27th Infosys Test Paper

Question # 1

 Complete the series :
 a)      3,6,13,26,33,66,____(repeated from previous papers)
 b)      0,2,4,6,8,12,12,16,____

Ans :  a) 63

Question # 2
Three persons A, B &C went for a robbery in different directions and
they theft one horse, one mule and one camel. They were caught by
the police and when interrogated gave the following statements

A: B has stolen the horse
B: I didn't rob anything.
C: both A & B are false and B has stolen the mule.

The person who has stolen the horse always tell the truth and
The person who has stolen the camel always tell the lie.

Find who has stolen which animal?

A- camel
B- mule
C- horse

Question # 3

  Four people - A,B,C,D
  Four cards painted on both sides not with same color
  Four cards r placed on a table in fron tof 4 people
  Four cards have no visible or hidden color in common
  After seeing their respective cards and their hidden colors they
make the following statements about their hidden colors.
 A Green or red
 B Neither green nor red
 C Blue or Yellow
 D Yellow or blue
Exactly 2 of them are lying,what r the visible and hidden colors of
all the 4 people.

A & D were lying.

Question # 4

 3 Marks

               A man walks at 4 km/hr on plain, then at 3 km/hr uphill and then returns through the same road at 6 km/hr downhill and at 4 km/hr on the plain. It takes altogether 6 hours. So what distance he covered in one way?

Ans: 12 km

Solution:     Let plain road = x km
                  And hill road = y km
                  ? x/4 + y/3 + y/6 + x/4 = 6
                   ? x/2 + y/2 = 6
                   ? x + y =12

Question # 5
similar problem but not the same

 A, B, C, D&E are having their birthdays on consecutive days of the week  not ecessarily in the same order. A 's birthday comes before G's as many days as B's birthday comes after E's.  D is older than E by 2 days.  This time G's birthday came on  wednesday. Then find the day of each of their birthdays?

Birthday of D on SUNDAY
Birthday of B on MONDAY
Birthday of E on TUESDAY
Birthday of G on WEDNESDAY
Birthday of A on THURSDAY

Question # 6

 A lady was out for shopping. she spent half of her money in buying A
and gave 1 doller to bagger. futher she spent half of her remaining
money and gave 2 doller to charity. futher she spent  half of
remaining money n gave 3 dollor to some childrans. now she has left
with 1 doller. how much she had in the beginning?

Ans $42

Question # 7

 There were 4 boys playing a game in which the person who is the strongest would win. The 4 boys were tom, hank, bill & Joe. Hank could pull bill & Joe with some effort. Hank & bill together could just hold Joe and tom (i.e., neither could pull each other).  But when hank & Joe interchanged their places, bill and Joe could be easily pulled. Who is the strongest?


Question # 8

A person is prisoned for 60 days . In that 60 days he earns rs.170.If he works he will get rs.7 per day. If he not works Rs.3 he should pay to that prison.Find out how many he worked.

Ans: 35 days

Question # 9

6.      (Some conditions were given, but may not be exactly the same.)
i.      A&B, who can speak English, have common language with E as Spanish.
ii.     Common language for B&E is French.
iii.    A, C&E can speak Italian.
iv.     D&E have common language as Portuguese.
v.      Portuguese is known by at least 3 persons.
There is only one person who knows all the 5 languages, only one who knows 4 languages, only one who knows 3 languages, only one who knows 2 languages and only one who knows exactly one language.
Based on the conditions, 4 questions were given. (Options were also not the same, I�ve given just for model.)

1.      A Knows
i.      English, Spanish, Portuguese
ii.     French, English, Spanish
iii.    French, Italian, Spanish.
2.      E knows
i.      French, Portuguese
ii.     English, Spanish, Portuguese
iii.    Italian, Spanish, French
3.      B knows
i.      Spanish, French
ii.     English, French, Italian
iii.    Portuguese, English, French, Spanish.
4.      C Knows
(and some options)

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