(PAPER) Infosys Test Paper - 08 Jan'06 Chennai

(PAPER) Infosys Test - 08 Jan'06 Chennai


I attended infy written on 8 jan 2006-chennai. 
i hope this ques can help u a little bit. all the best.


1.the time between first and last was 30 sec for striking 5.what about stricking for 11.(repeated one)

2.this was aptitude.a seller got 5gm for one amount &3gm for another amount. he sells it at the rate of ..like this.this model is in agarwal.

3.there are some birds &trees in a garden.the number of birds in a tree is equal to the number of trees in the garden.the birds were between 2000 & 2100.find the number of birds?

4.the man died in 1984.what is his dob.(rep)

5.some conditions where given. the amount got bybanker was twice savy(3 condn). find who is banker,savy,archt,drunker?(6 marks)


7.how many clinks in glasses.persons where 11.(repeated)

8.i gave half of my chocolate to father& half of it to mom.then half to brother & half to dog.i was left with 1.how much i had.(repeated)

9.this was a long one.time consuming.different houses & different people norway etc.some had dog, etc. some had tea ,cofee, ..some had horse ,mule.
3 question where asked.(8 mark)(this model was asked already)

10.a slow train takes 3 days to reach a destination.a man starts on a day.how many trains will he meet.(rep)

Paper Submitted By : Bala
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