(PAPER) Infosys Test Paper - 5 Feb.' 06

(PAPER) Infosys Test Paper - 5 Feb.' 06

Hi guys ,I have given infy test on 5 feb and got shortlisted for interview.
There r all 800 people And 48 got cleared test.
I am giving Questions and my answers.Hope it will help for u.

1.One villege,each villeger have even no of dishes,no two man hav same no of dishes,and total not more than 274.....
find no of villegers in villege

2.on interest.company give 6%,interest....7 1/2%......5%......etc
i cant recall and could not solve it completely but i write ans=3255

3.prisoner,will get 7 rs for work and 3 rs deduct from it.All days are 60.he got 170RS.How many days he worked
Ans=35 days work and 25 days idle

Four friends,4 languages(italian,french,english,german)
who speak which?

5.x z y
+x y z
y z x
Find xyz

sold for 12 Rs on one 25%profit ,on other 20% loss
total loss or gain ?and how many

Joxie and pixie, r two stations .two come from each side
.one is 18miles farther of other and cover dist in 13 1/2 hr
and other in 0 hr.
find dist in 2 stations
Ans=128 4/7

8.50 teams ,triplicate elimination(that is one team will out after 3 loose)
Find total no of matches

Diamonds.% thiefs ech take half and 2 more.last has no diamonds left.
Find no of daimonds

10.Some what time consuming
5 dolls one inside other
ie largest doll contain 3rd largest then 2nd and smallest
Colors r given
5 statments r given
Find Largest 2nd largest,3rd largest with color
u will do it .

45q in 30 min.

Very easy not to worry

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