( Interview ) Details of Infosys Experienced Interview

Details Of Infosys Experienced Interview

Hi all, I attended Infy Puzzle test for experienced on Sunday 27th at Bangalore.
The next day I had interview.
The interview was very simple.. they just look at your communication skills and they want to know whether u really worked or not...they dint stressed me much on technical concepts. they just asked me about the overview of how the work is organized. and how the work was delivered.

The Technical interview was conducted for 15 min and then I went for HR round.
The HR just discussed about the Salary things. and nothing much...
Anyways. Infy offered me less than What I get in my present company.. so i denied the offer.

If you need any more info. regarding Infosys interview or Puzzle test.. Mail me.

Sunil (1mcraz-at-gmail-dot-com)

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