(PAPER) INFOSYS 16th September 2006

the questions asked were:

1. there were a triplets in a home. flour was spilt in the home. all three had same foot size. parents could not identify who did it. so they asked their children. annie said "i did not do it", fannie said "danny did it" and danny said " fannie is lying". only one of those said the truth. find who did it?
Ans : Annie(not sure)

2. X went out with certain amount of money. he spent half the money plus 2 in dress purchase. he spent half of the remaining money plus 5 in another shop. he spent half of the remaining money in butcher shop. the remaining amount he had with him is Rs 5. find the total amount of money he initailly had.
Ans : 64

3. we have 2 cities A and B. each city has train to the other every one hour. each train takes 5 hours time to reach the other city. consider a train starting from city A, how many trains will it cross in opposite direction in its journey.
Ans : 6

4. five persons with 5 different job. we have to find the profession of each person according to the condition given.refer previous year question papers (dont remember properly).

5.a man is driving a car. after travelling some distance he reaches a milestone. it is a 2 digit number. after travelling 1hour he reaches another milestone. it had the asme digits but in reversed order. after travelling another 1 hour he reaches another milestone. it had the same digits in original order but a 0 in between them. he travels in uniform speed. find the speed of the car.
Ans : 45 kmph

6. a cube made of 27 small cubes. it is painted in red colour. how many cubes wil be
a. painted on 3 sides.(8)
b. painted on 2 sides.(12)
c. painted on 1 side.(6)
d. painted on 0 sides.(1)

7. a taxi has a number which when divided by 2,3,4,5,6 gives remainder 1. and when divided by 11 leaves no remainder. find the number. it is the smallest number in that city.
Ans : 121

8. an algebraic sum. you can solve it easily.

9. find the next number in the series:
a. 364 , 361 , 19 , 16 , 4 , 1,
b. 3 , 6 , 13 , 26 , 33 , 66 ,
Ans : a. 1
b. 63 , 126.

10. Sorry. i dont remember.