(Paper) Infosys Placement Paper (Aptitude Section)

Paper: Infosys Placement Paper (Aptitude Section) 

1. Mr.Mathurs jewels have been stolen from his bank locker . The bank has lockers of 12 people which are arranged in an array of 3 rows and 4 columns like:
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12

. The locker belonging to JONES was to the right of BLACK'S locker and directly above MILLAR'S.
. BOOTH'S locker was directly above MILLAR'S.
. SMITH'S locker was also above GRAY's (though not directly).
. GREEN'S locker was directly below SMITH'S.
. WILSON'S locker was between that of DAVIS and BOOTH.
. MILLAR'S locker was on the bottom row directly to the right of HERD'S.
. WHITE'S locker was on the bottom right hand corner in the same column as BOOTH'S.

Which box belonged to Mr.Mathurs?

Ans: Box number 9 belongs to Mr.Mathurs.

2. Fifty minutes ago if it was four times as many minutes past three o'clock,how many minutes is it to six o'clock?

Ans: Twenty six minutes.

3. If a clock takes 7seconds to strike 7, how long will the same clock take to strike 10?

Ans: The clock strikes for the first time at the start and takes 7 seconds for 6 intervals-thus for one interval time taken=7/6.
Therefore, for 10 seconds there are 9 intervals and time taken is 9.7/6=10 and 1/2 seconds.

4. Three criminals were arrested for shop lifting. However, when interrogated only one told the truth in both his statements, while the other two each told one true 
statement and one lie. The statements were:

. ALBERT :(a)Chander passed the merchandise. (b)Bruce created the diversion.
. BRUCE :(a)Albert passed the merchandise. (b)I created the diversion.
. CLIVE :(a)I took the goods out of the shop. (b)Bruce passed them over.

Ans: Albert passed the goods.Bruce created the diversion..Clive took the goods out of the shop.

5. Everyday in his business a merchant had to weigh amounts from 1 kg to 121 kgs, to the nearest kg. What are the minimum number of weight required and how heavy should they be?

Ans: .The minimum number is 5 and they should weigh 1,3,9,27 and 81 kgs.

6. A hotel has 10 storeys.Which floor is above the floor below the floor, below the floor above the floor, below the floor above the fifth.

Ans: The sixth floor.

7. Seven members sat around a table for three days for a conference.
The member's names were Abhishek, Amol, Ankur, Anurag,Bhuwan ,Vasu and Vikram. The meetings were chaired by Vikram. On the first evening members sat around the table alphabetically. On the following two nights, Vikram arranged the seatings so that he could have Abhishek as near to him as possible and abesent minded Vasu as far away as he could. On no evening did any person have sitting next to him a person who had previously been his neighbour. How did Vikram manage to seat everybody to the best advantage on the second and third evenings?

Second evening:Vikram,Ankur,Abhishek,Amol,Vasu,Anurag and Bhuwan.
Third evening :Vikram,Anurag,Abhishek,Vasu,Bhuwan,Ankur,Amol.

8. Two trains start from stations A and B spaced 50 kms apart at the same time and speed.
As the trains start, a bird flies from one train towards the other and on reaching the second train, it flies back to the
first train.This is repeated till the trains collide.
If the speed of the trains is 25 km/h and that of the bird is 100km/h.
How much did the bird travel till the collision.

Ans: 100 kms.

9. Four prisoners escape from a prison.
The prisoners, Mr East, Mr West, Mr South, Mr North head towards different directions after escaping.
The following information of their escape was supplied:

. The escape routes were The North Road, South Road, East Road and West Road.
. None of the prisoners took the road which was their namesake.
. Mr.East did not take the South Road
. Mr.West did not the South Road.
. The West Road was not taken by Mr.East

What road did each of the prisoners take to make their escape?

Ans: Mr.East took the North Road
Mr.West took the East Road
Mr.North took the South Road
Mr.South took the West Road.

Complete the series:
5, 20, 24, 6, 2, 8, ?

Ans: 12 (as 5.4=20, 20+4=24, 24/4=6, 6-4=2, 2.4=8, 8+4=12).