(Paper): Infosys Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern (Puzzle)

Paper: Infosys Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern (Puzzle)

Company Name : Infosys

Type : Fresher Job Interview, Question Paper 

 Recently I appeared for Infosys as a fresher in campus placement. The pattern followed by Infosys was the traditional one... The procedure was of 2 rounds 1. Aptitude questions(30 ques in 40 min) 2. English(40 ques in 30 min) (sattar minute hain tumhare paas)

 The aptitude questions were very easy. I suggest you to go through RS Aggarwal(both quantitative and verbal non verbal) The topics covered are 5 ques Data interpetation 5 ques puzzle test 5 ques syllogisms 5 ques figure continuation 5 ques statement interpetation and a puzzle was given which was quite a lengthy one and 5 questions were asked from it.

 books:RS Aggarwal(both quantitative and verbal non verbal),Shakuntala devi (1 &2) George Sammers For English paper Their were 2 paragraphs and 10 ques were asked from them(5 from each) the paragraphs were quite lengthy but extreamely easy and please make your tenses strong all the error detection and the fill in the blank questions were based on them only and the paper was very easy. The result for written tst were announced after 2 hrs of test and i was selected. The interview round was basically only a HR round (no technical) Be calm,confident and keep eye contact. The interviewer asked questions particularly about the hobies i mentioned in Resume .

 Prepare your resume very well and include only those things for which you are confident don't tell lies one puzzel was asked by interviewer 1. to calculate the hieght of the room having a bulb hanging with a string and the bulb is touching your head. Ans: note the time period of the oscillations of bulb and apply formula T=2*pi(sqrt(L/g)) calculate L and height of room=L+your height For puzzels please do Shakuntala Devi(1&2) and George Sammers completely and look various interview questions asked by infosys from different sites. i gave the answer and the interview was good and i was expecting positive result.

The results were announced after the interview round was over and i was selected. Best of luck to all of you.