(Paper) Infosys Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper on 06 December 2010


Infosys Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper on 06 December 2010

Company Name : Infosys
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hi folks, Before step into the discussion.. infosys is very easy to clear and crack.. I got selected in infy on 6th dec 2010.

We all know that it has got 2 papers (there is sectional cut off of about 60%)

1.logical reasoning.(30 questions,duration-40min)
2.Verbal ability.(40 questions,duration-35min)

At first they will be given an application form where we have to fill all the data dont worry how to fill it .. they will suggest u to fill it correctly...at first they will be given logical reasoning question paper and followed by verbal paper before five min of logical ending time..

I found some of the questions in logical were:-
Picture puzzles: 5 questions dead easy (just analyze the relation bet sequence of figures finally u will get it) start from this only......
Puzzle :5 a paragraph given in that ,the said about the numbering concept where A is a prime no when multiplied with another prime no like that.... and study also the below concepts

2.direction sense test
3.blood relation
4.analytical reasoning
(u can study from our uncleji RS.Aggarwal itself ..it is more than enough).

Data sufficiency: 5 questions ( easy but here the answering options is somewhat confusing)
Data interpretation: 5(they asked in bar graph, but u study all types given in aggarwalji).
Puzzle: 5 questions (they gave about the relation among the people like A is Doctor,B is lawer,no lady is eithe engineer or Doctor like that) and study all the general puzzle given in our uncle book (blood relation, seating arrangements, etc..)

Syllogism: 5>(study 2 statements and conclusion problems it is enough.. follow our uncleji)


1.Selecting correct sentence (10 questions.. basic grammar necessary i studied Murphys English Grammar book and ... study also sentence correction rules in TIME)
2.Critical reasoning: 10 (they given a small passage and we have to select the most suitable inference from the passage.. just feel free to observe u can get it...)
3.Sentence completion: 10 (here they given a sentence with a blank statement where we have to substitute suitable one.. here again grammar plays main role because they given only substituting prepositions conjunctions etc..)

Reading Comprehension : 5+5(2 long passages) - attend at last first read the question here and then go for the passage quickly..) The main thing here is only TIME MANAGEMENT so work hard to sharp ur mind to clear....

HR :

Just thorough with ur Resume and u can crack easily because they will reject only 10% from short listed candidates.. They test u r attitude , positiveness,stress managing skills,body language.


Exam/Interview Date : 06-Dec-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Narayan