(Paper) INFOSYS Latest Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern - Feb- 2010 | Hyderabad


INFOSYS Latest Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern
- Feb- 2010 | Hyderabad

Company Name : Infosys

Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Location: MJ, OU, Hyderabad

Infy visited my campus on 1st Feb and the day was the best day of my life with a
equally wild , terrifying experience.. You need to have a clear plan to get into

You face two rounds

1) Aptitude

2) HR

If u can clear aptitude you can consider yourself in.. and as far as HR is
concerned .. its a cake walk.. irrespective of your level of english..

Aptitude consists of 2 rounds

30 questions (40 minutes)

0-5 ( general questions) Need no practice

5-10( Data sufficiency ) just have a look at the model of data
sufficiency ..refer any book its not a problem.. you can easily solve these

10-15 ( data interpretition) Just go through a few models from any DI

15-20 ( SYLLOGISM) easiest of all .. refer CAT material or RS AGARWAL..

20-25 (TABLE, MATRIX) a , b , c, d .. hail from hyd, del, bom, .. such
questions bla bla bla..

25-30 ( ODD MAN OUT FIGURE) GO through a few questions .. say 30 quesions..
just to get an idea...

IF YOU SPEND 6 hours for studying.. then you can easily clear quants..


Its a bit difficult ..

0-10) READING COMPREHENSION.. just have a look at a few passages.. try to
solve them.. practice a few and it shoudl be fine.. go through the solving
techniques.. [SOLVE LAST] ..


You need to spend some time on this topic while preparing..
Its which is going to decide your fate.. just spend some quality time studying
the type of errors.. and all those.. you can refer any grammar book.. in case if
u dont have any .. try to study correction of sentences from GMAT.. its high
level but if you get familiar with it .. you can easily crack infosys..

20-25) fill in the blanks

Its really easy.. need not worry .. just read the blank.. get the idea..
look at the options.. and choose the best

25-30) A 3-4 line passage will be given and based on it something will be

Its like a small comprehension passage.. you can easily answer it

So in English.. just concentrate on SENTENCE CORRECTION and READING
COMPREHENSION while studying..


HR is a cake walk only if you dont do anything stupid, and by
meaing "anything stupid" i mean .. dont write any thing stupid in your resume..
dotn write anything that you dont know.. You need to know every bit of wats
there in your resume.. if its fake its nto a problem but thing is you need to
know how things work like eg: u wrote u organized some event so he will ask u
how u did that.. So be prepared for answering questions like

  • HOW DID YOU ORGANIZE? (detailed explanation.. ) try to
    give every bit of detail

  • PROBLEMS YOU FACED? ( if you dint face any then make some


IMPORTANT: INFOSYS ppl.. they dont expect extra
ordinary people.. they need just normal people.. they need people who are
honest... so dont try to be extra ordinary and in doing so you may get stuck..
so keep it simple and honest.... (FORGET ABOUT ENGLISH) And thanks to
Allah.. I am into Infy.

Exam/Interview Date : 01-Feb-2010

No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Client/Manager Interview

Location : Hyderabad

Contributor: Bat man

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