10 questions:: Aptitude(so easy)
30 questions:: technical( basic funda)
Time::40 minutes

1. Banker?s algorithm is used for-
a). Deadlock Avoidance
b). Deadlock Prevention
c). Deadlock Handling
d). None of these

2. The software which run on hardware to support other programs to run is called-
a) System software
b) Operating system
c) Application programs
d) None of these

3. FSM can recognize-
a) Any grammar
b) Only CFG
c) Any unambiguous grammar
d) Only regular grammar

4. Any string of terminals that can be generated by the following CFG-
S -> XY
X -> aX | bX | a
Y -> Ya | Yb | a
a) Has at least one b
b) Should end in an a
c) Has no consecutive a?s or b?s
d) Has at least two a?s

5. CSG can be recognized by a-
d) Linearly bounded memory machine

6. The depth of a complete binary tree with n nodes is-
a) Log(n+1)-1 b) Log(n) c) Log(n-1)+1 d) Log(n)+1

7. Which of the following traversal techniques lists the nodes of a binary search tree in ascending order-
a) Post-order b) In-order c) Pre-order d) None of these

8. Odd man out-
a) Fragrance b) Smell c) Foul smell d) Incense

9. What will be the output-
a) 1,2,3 b) 1,1,1 c) 0,0,0 d) Compilation error

10. Which is more important in a sql query IN or EXISTS-
a) IN b) EXISTS c) Both d) Depend on the condition

11. In union which type of variables cant be used-
a) Constants b) Static c) Extern d) None

12. Vendor is related to buyer, similarly consultant is related to-
a) Firm b) Client c) Shop d) None

13. Compiler convert-
a) High level language to machine language
b) Three other options

14. What in these not in process-
a) CPU register b) Counter
c) Memory management info. d) None of above

15. FTP works on port no-
a) 21 b) 27 c) 80 d) 23

16. How many types of JDBC driver-
a) 4 b) 5 c) 2 d) 3

17. What is related to these:Humidity:Temparature: Pressure
a) Meterology b) Weather forcasting
c) Geology d) None

18.what is used in a recursion
a) stack c) queue
c) linked list d) binary tree

One question was on constructor and virtual distructor in my opinion the option a) it will compile was right.

One question was like a program code was given and how many vpointers and b pointers it will use

I don?t remember more question exactly but it will be better to read MCQ?s in Computer Science by William