(Paper) Idea cellular Placement Paper

Idea cellular Placement Paper


Idea cellular is a part of Aditya Birla group and is an Indian based MNC. It is a mobile phone company and recruits mainly students from Electronics and Communication Engg. Background.

Recruitment Process:

The recruitment process consists of three steps:
1. Written Test
2. Group discussion
3. Interview

Written Test:

There will be 75 questions and 80 minutes. Both technical and aptitude questions will be there.

Technical test:

There will be questions from all the sections for example digital electronics, analog electronics, communication, antennas etc.
Some of questions which I remember are:

1. Input resistance of CRO is
a)0 ohm
b) less than 10 ohm
c) less than 100 ohm
d) less than 100 ohm

2) Mod 78 counter can be formed by
Answer: One mod 13 counter followed by mod 6 counter

3) Which networking layer used for synchronization?
a) Application
b) Network layer
c) Session layer
d) Data link layer

4) Which layer is used for email?
a) Application
b) Network layer
c) Session layer
d) Physical layer

5) Question about coding techniques in digital communication and information theory

6)Which of following is used in c?

a)list and structure
b) array
c) variable types
d) all of the above

Answer: (d)

7) Question about race around condition in JK flip flop.

8) One another simple question from c language

9) Question about traffic density in erlangs with all data given.

10)VSWR was given=2.what will be reflection coefficient?
a) 1/2
b) 1/4
c) 2/3
4 )2

11)Radiation pattern of antenna varies with distance as
?So I remember Only these questions from technical test

Aptitude test:

It was simple:
They were mainly from topics:

Pipes and tanks

And puzzles containing five five questions each.For these solve critical reasoning part in Barrons 12th edition model test paper.


In our campus they did not conduct any gd.

There was only one interview:HR+Technical combined.
They will ask questions about :
Types of modulation
So prepare digital communication,antenna and microwave carefully.

So work hard to get into Idea cellular..Best of luck????..