(Paper) Infosys Job Interview Placement Paper (Campus)

Paper : Infosys Job Interview Placement Paper (Campus)

Company Name : INFOSYS
Type : Job Interview, Fresher

Hi, First of all best luck to all of you Infosys was in our campus on 23rd June 08 About 180 students appeared for apti. and 72 were selected for interview out of them 50 finally placed in INFOSYS !!! I will suggest you to take extra efforts on aptitude test BECAUSE IF YOU CLEAR APTI. THEN YOU ARE 90% IN For apti. you may use any standard book but with some higher difficulty level The was easy but time management is very very important. I found relationships problems very much difficult and other problems were just okay in fact easy ENGLISH section has less time and 2 VERY BIG passages other questions were related to basic grammar. 

Now coming to HR round The HR was very good and friendly He asked to solve some questions like write 6using 5 fives and 4 using three 5 [very easy n solved within few seconds] Then he asked some questions related to language like design a sentence [any1 can do it] later he asked which newspaper i read and discussed some present topics some questions about the hobby [too common question] my friends were asked to tell 5 uses of stapler and some questions u might have read in some other papers read newspaper daily it was long wait to know the results finally 50 students were selected see you in MYSORE !!! And always Have Faith In God ; he will save you in any circumstances bye n all the best NEVER LIE DURING INTERVIEW. You will be caught within a minute thanks to Placementpapers.net

Rounds :
- Aptitude Test

Location : Pune
Contributor  Name : Sagar Shinde