(Paper) Latest IBM Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 16, December 2010

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Latest IBM Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 16, December 2010

Company Name: IBM
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Hi all..
I recently got into IBM.It came to my college on 16th December 2010.
It was having following rounds:
Online aptitude test.
2. technical written exam (objective only).
3. 2 technical interviews.
4. 1 HR Round.

Online Aptitude Test:

Online aptitude was very easy.only speed is needed. Some series completion type questions were there and then some aptitude problem from time and distance, work etc.(just go through R. S Agrawal) more than enough. just maintain speed in this section.

Technical Round:

I am a VLSI student. So I attended hardware section. This section was having 2 parts: you have to attend 1 part only
Part 1: it was based on semiconductor, STA, and some VLSI and digital questions.
Part 2: it was having some digital and c questions. means you have to find error from some c code. basically it was having question from embedded part.
I attended 2nd section but I was interested in ASIC design so during interview I told that I am interested in ASIC design. so they took my interview on ASIC. But I will advise you to attend the section in which you want to go. I was lucky they they took my interview on ASIC. But for some of my friends they took for that part only for which they attended the written. So be careful in this. And it was not too tuff. and there was no negative marking so don't wry just attend all the questions.
After all this I was able to clear my written exams.now the interview came.

Technical Interview:

1st technical: It was full of analog thing. They asked about my projects in analog. They asked about Op-amp, different stages of Op-amp, different types of amplifier, gain of all amplifier, VLSI layout, draw layout for some simple circuits. It was not too tuff. They were asking only basics only.
2nd technical interview: it was full of digital stuff. they asked about setup time, hold time. VLSI layout, digital basics, some reduction of Boolean equations, sequence detector, all basics only nothing so tuff. just be cool in interview. Interviews were very cool.

HR Round:

Then I was able to clear these 2 rounds. After that there was a HR round. They just asked some basic HR questions like why did u chose M. tech. I was from Delhi side so they asked why i came till Hyderabad for M. tech and some basics questions only.
It was also very cool interview..
After all 3 rounds they informed me in 5 minutes that i am selected.
I was very happy.
Exam and interviews both were easy and don't worry that there are so many rounds. you will be easily able to clear all the rounds one after other.They are not so tuff.
All the best to all.

Exam/Interview Date: 16-Dec-2010
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test
Location: Hyderabad