Total no. Of Stud :85 26
Apti qualified :26 14
GD qualified :22 13
Final Selection: 9 5 (rest 2 each frm B.tech & M.tech)

The Accent test was not there. (we also came to know only on that day). But b prepared, it was there in some of the colleges.
One more surprising thing-all the 9 students selected were boys.

1. PPT
It started at abt 10:00 am. It was nothing new, just old things only, but concentrate it may help u during ur interview.

2. Aptitude Test

matrix test (15 ques, 13 min. no -ve marks)
3 matrices were given- 5 ques on each matrix.(total 15 ques).
It was all of similar type, u must hav got it frm other papers. The important thing is b fast; don’t waste time on any one question.

SECTION 2: Series test (20 ques .4 mins .1/4 -ve marking)
Ques were v.v easy BUT u have to b fast, if at the first or the second look u solve it .its good else leave it. None of us could attempt all the questions(I did 13 or 14 of that)

SECTION 3: This section is tough. U must practice to do this section. (12 ques 15 min. ¼-ve marking).
Most of the ques were from time and work, one was from ratio-proportion. u can get the ques from other papers, I exactly don’t remember the data.(after the series test ur mindset will b to solve the ques in a hurry, but b cool, read the questions completely then start solving)

(I stood third in the aptitude test, first was also a MCA student, he was also selelcted, but 4th (MCA) & 5th (MCA) were not selected).

3. GD round
My topic was “Primary education is more important than higher education”. it was cool. no tension. Everybody from my group was selected.(8 candidates).

The topics of other groups were: “Cricket VS Olympic” & “Engineers should not go outside to work” (it was nothing but a new version of “Brain Drain”).

4. INTERVIEW (Tech + HR)