(Paper) Honeywell Latest Fresher Job Interview (Technical, Written & HR)

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Company Name : Honeywell
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hi Friends, I attended the honeywell offcampus interview in Trichengode,TN. The selection procedure was as follows :

1. Written Test
2. Techical Interview 1
3. Techical Interview 2
4. HR

1. Written Test: Written test had 3 Sections Groups are divided into CS and Electronics.
1st Sec. consists your dept technical (50q), 2nd Sec. consists of C Programming quest (30q), 3rd Sec. consists of General Aptitude *very easy (20q). Make sure u do this round well.

2. Technical Interview 1: Kindly get thorough with all basics in ur dept technical and C,C++. This round is tough as u will get questions from all of ur core subjects. Concentrate on pointers and data structures well. If u r good with the basics,this round is a piece of cake for u.This is certainly an elimination round...Ur knowledge in core subjects r tested,if u fail short of expectations,then u r out! Note: Interview may last even for an hour

3.Technical Interview 2: Here u will be tested again by senior technical officials..Again if u r good with basics,u r through this round!! Ur projects also play a role.

4.HR : prepare well for Basic HR quest like tell abt urself,strengths,weakness..Also prepare well on the company profile. They are good HR's and if u r selected,they will give u advise on how u should act during the training period. Also know abt the technologies which were introduced and doing well at that period. u may get quest on gen awareness also.

Honeywell is a very good company! If u prepare well with strong technical base and knowledge,u r sure to get in..Cheers to all of you who are trying for this company!! I wish u "ALL THE BEST" Good Luck!!

Exam/Interview Date : 07-Nov-2009
No of Rounds : Screeing Test, Technical Round-1, Technical Round-2, Client/Manager Interview