(Paper) HFCL Placement Paper Questions

Paper : HFCL Placement Paper Questions

Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited or HFCL Connect / Ping Previous Campus Placement Test for freshers: B.tech Electronics and Communication engineering, etc.

Technical Written Test and Interview Questions:

(1) TTL to CMOS pullup & vice-versa

(2) function of Ping

(3) SNMP protocol

(4) Application layer

(5) ## ?-> token pasting in C

(6) Question on C: i^=j you have to tell the output given the values of i and j;

(7) Complexity of Binary Search tree.

(8) Macro is given as follows : SQR(x) x*x

Find the value of SQR(i-j) , when i and j were given

(9) Multiplexer 1 to 3 inputs? A,B,C control lines? S1,S2 Output ? Y .Write Y interms of S1,S2

(10) Bandwidth minimum sampling theorem. (see other electronics / communcation field companies placement test papers and technical interview questions- for freshers / engineering graduates recruitment exams)

(11) Describe the Shannon?s Law

(12) What is the Difference between fork() & execve()

(13) What is the Banker?s algorithm

(14) append(&struct , fp)

(15) What are these? Windows95 , X-Windows

(16) 16k memory , ending address of the address space FFFFH find the starting address?

(17) What is the difference between the following models? TCP/IP and OSI model

(18) Find the difference between Bridge and router

(19) A graph was given : ? a qudrilateral with 1 diagonal ? find the number of trees in the graph

(20) Difference between TCP and UDP

(21-23) Questions related to Pass by reference in C Programming language(3 questions)

(24) Synchronisation technique for IPC ( which method among the 4 choices was best was asked)

(25) Address of RST 6.5

(26) Preorder Traversal

(27) Infix to Postfix

(28) What data structure is used to transform infix to postfix?

(29) 4 bit computer , size of ROM given , output of ROM gives the address , design a mod-n counter

(30-31) FIFO , LRU page trace

(32) How many flip-flops are there in MOD-33 counter?

(33) printf(?\nab\bcd\ref?);

(34) doorom hello test 
find argc and argv

(35) call main()

what does this piece of code does? (There can be other programs like this in later hfcl placement papers for finding the output or point out errors.

(36-39) 4 question from Understanding Pointers in C on Pointer , Array , etc.

(40-41) 2 questions on precedence rule