(Paper) Exilant Technologies Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern, November 2010

Exilant Technologies Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern, November 2010

Company Name: Exilant Technologies
Type: Fresher, Job Interview

Test time 45 minutes.The test consists of 15 questions, each question carries 2 marks and there no negative marking.
The question paper consists of three areas

  1. Quantitative aptitude(6Q)
  2. English(5Q)
  3. Reasoning(4Q)

The 15 Questions are from the below topics. I do not remember the exact questions prepare below topics well..

Quantitative Aptitude:

1. Permutations & combinations
Q. In how many ways can the letters of the word 'PROSPECTUS' be arranged in row such that the first letter and last letter remains same?

2. Percentages
Q. In a village 5/9 ratio are males. If 30 per of males are married how much percent of females are unmarried in total population?

3. Pipes and cisterns
Q. Pipe A can fill the tank in 15 minutes ,pipe B can fill the tank in 12 minutes and C can empty the tank in 6 minutes. If Pipe A and B open for for first 5 minutes and then C opened. Calculate the total time for emptying the tank?

4. Time & work
Q. C takes two times as long A and B together take to complete work and B takes three times Aand C together to complete the work. Working together A, B and C can do the work in 15 days. In what time A , B, and C complete work individually?

5. Clocks
Q. The minute hand of a clock overtakes the the hour hand by 68 minutes of the correct time. How much time does the clock gain or lose in a day?

6. Ages

  1. Synonym
  2. Antonym

7. If three people are investigating in a robbery case. The people said
A: I am innocent
B. I am innocent
C. be is a guilty person
only one of the above statements is true, who is culprit?
(a) A (b) B (c) C (d) None


One Puzzle under that 4 questions related to that given
8. In a village there are two groups Brown and Red. The person from one group can't marry the same group. after marriage males became the group of females, females remain in the same group. The widows and widowers are retained their born group.

9. The person from brown group can have
(a) red grand father
(b) brown grand mother

13. 14. 15.all question are from that puzzle only.
Quant and reasoning is very easy. Synonyms and antonyms are tough prepare from GRE Barrons. If you are going to attend any company visit their website and see who is the CEO of the company, clients and their background also.

Exam/Interview Date: 04-Nov-2010
No of Rounds: Screening Test
Location: Bangalore
Contributor Name: Silpa Verma