(Paper) EFUNDS Placement Paper (Quantitative & Verbal)

Paper: EFUNDS Placement Paper (Quantitative & Verbal)

Section 1: Quantitative

1)Fresh grapes 90%water content by weight .dried grapes 20%of water by weight .find weight of dry grapes from 20 kg of fresh grapes
a) 2 kg b)2.4kg c) 2.5 kg d)2.2 kg

2)Possible words using COMMON is formed and then arranged in alphabetical order.position of NOMCOM
a) 117 b)113 c) 111 d)114

3)Missing letters: abb_baa_a_bab_aba
a)abba b)abab c)ccac d)aabb

4) 3 brothers a,b,c sum of their ages 48,diff of ages of a and c=9 ,ratio of ages of a and c=4:7,b’s age=?
a)12 b)15 c)18 d)21

5) A program encodes the word COBOL into 235 and output of the same program for the word JAVA is
a)180 b)136 c)175 d)142

6)What is the max value of 3.5-4y-4*2 for real values of y?
a) 0 b)1.5 c)0.5 d)-0.25

7)A Voter should vote for 6 candidates from 3 parties,1st party->5 candidates, 2nd party->3 candidates, 3rd party->2 candidates, if he has chosen atleast one from each party .in how maby ways can he vote a)180 b)165 c)175 d)195

8) 2 modes of travel, distance to be covered is 200 km, train 40km/hr,bus 20km/hr for the time he traveled by train had he traveled by bus and vice-versa he would have covered 20 kms more in the same time.time to cover whole distance
a)7 hr b)6 hr c)5 hr d)4 hr

9)After revising the budget computer cost increased by 18% 80 dealers increase the price by 10% even though he gets rs 600 per compu.what is the profit margin ,if before the budget is revised computer was Rs 25000?
a)15000 b)16000 c)17000 d)18000

10)1/3 rd females in a collegeand 1/3 rd males in a college eat in canteen.total number of students using the canteen
a)0.416666 b)0.3125 c)0.75 d)cannot be determined

11)Peter has some hens ,8 cows.if no of heads is 48 and total number of feet is 140.number of hens peter has?

12)A watch which loses 6 min every hour is set to correct time at 12 noon.actual time when time indicated by the watch is 8p.m?
a)0.916666666666…7 b) 0.875 c)0.9 d)0.941666666666667

13)Pipe A can fill a tank in 6 hours and pipe B can fill in 4 hrs.if they are opened on alternate hours and if the pipe a is opened first ,in how many hours will the tank be full
a)4 b)6 c)5 d)3

14)A garrison of 60 men has food for 28 days.8 days later reinforcements arrive reducing the no of days the food would last to 15 days. What is strength of the reinforcement?
a) 15 b)20 c) 12 d) 10

15) 2,5,10,17,26,?
a) 35 b) 37 c)38 d)42

a)5 b) 8 c)7 d)9

17)B434B0.what no must be substituted with B to make it divisible by 36?

a) 7 b)4 c) 8 d) 3

18)Dept A has 40 wooden desks and 120 metal desks.dept B has 90 wooden desks ,60 metal desks,difference between % of wood desk in each dept
a)0.25 b)0.33 c)0.35 d)0.4

19) A taxi company charges $1.75 for the 1st quarter mile and 15 cents for additional quarter mile.what’s the max destination you can travel with $4.90?
a) 4 b) 5 and 1/4 c)5.5 d)5.75 miles

20) In a class of 100 students ,20 play football,20 don’t play rugby,10 play neither of the games.find the no of students who play both the games.
a) 15 b)12 c)10 d)9

Section 2: Verbal 

1) Although she is certain to alienate her colleagues in a short period of time because of her overall -----------------attitude
a)gregarious b) amiable c)truculent d)munificient

2)Although she didn’t take <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]-->any formal biology classes in school ,her discovery-----------the notion that she was unfamiliar with the way living organisms behaved
a)underscored b) undermined c) substantiated d)documented

3)The media reports on cross border terrorism -------------all assertions mode by government that peace had been resorted
a)bolstered b)buttressed c)belied d)substantiated

4)Which word describes something different from the others
a)enquiry b)biography c)history d)memoir

5)I don’t think these flowers are-------------to new England .although I’ve never seen them

a)ingenuous b)fluent c)indigenous d)exigent

6)A----------seemed to befall the entire community as it heard a horrid news
a)malfeasance b)blasphemy c)largess d)malaise

7)The u conn women basketball team’s perfect season --------------in a championship win over Tennessee.
a)culminated b)fulminated c) fomented d)alleviated

8) Maria was so ------------- that she couldn’t follow even the simple directions on the cake box.
a) officious b) obtuse c)candid d)opulent

9) George had the -----------to suggest that we hire a new coach.
a)discretion b)disdain c) surfeit d) temerity

10)The ------------- facts of the matter were obvious to most of the witnesses
a) perfunctory b)gratuitous c)salient d)bodacious

11) Aberrant (opp)
a)blissful b)normal c) predictive d)attractive

a)consolation b)reconciliation c)dissemblance d) negotiation

13)Belief that science destroysart appears to be supported by historical evidence that arts have--------------- only when science has been-----------
a)decline,attacked b)flourished,neglected
c) matured,unconcerned d)succeeded,developed

14) He executed his tasks successfully using more of his charisma than experience gained over a decade.it was evidence where----------overtook-----------
a)time,space b)virtues,skills c) action,inaction d)success,failure

15) None of the batsmen displayed any character in their approach so of the seniors-------said -----mended
a)more,better b)least,soonest c)nothing,nothing d)all,well

a)culinary b)garnish c)noxious d)disgusting

a)shorten b)praise c)revise d)suggest

18)The education system had -----------over a period of time when authorities got preoccupied with petty politics and didn’t update syllabus
a)underscored b)relegated c) burnished d)ossified

19)The ------------allowance he received as a pension forced him to spend the rest of his life in---------
a)magnanimous,austerity b)meager,penury
c)munificient,conundrum d)mundane,malady

20)Although david was severely critical of his wife,he didn’t dare treat his wife with------
a)insularity b)comtempt c)superciliousness d)mendacity