(Paper) DSQ Placement Paper (Aptitude-Mathematics)

Paper: DSQ Placement Paper (Aptitude-Mathematics)

Mathematics Test:-

1. if a**2+b**2+c**2=1 then ab+bc+cd lies in the intrval

a. -1/2,1 b.-1,1 c.-1/2,2 d.-1,2

2.if x is root of 4*y**2+2*y-1=0, the its other root is given by

a.4x**2+2*x+1 b.x-1/2 c 2x-1 d.2-x

4. the perimeter of a square is 44m more than that of another and 187 sqm more in area then the side of the larger square is


5. the value of x which makes xi+2j+3k and -i+5j+k perpendicular is

ans:none of the above

6. the value of determiterment ---|matrix|


7. the solution of the system of equations 2y-z=0,x+3y=-4,3x+4y=3 is

ans: x=5,y=3,z=6

8. the radius of the circle 4x**2+4y**2 =100

ans: 5

9. the ages of two brothers are now in the ratio 4:3 but fifteen years ago, they were in the ratio 3:2the present age are


10.if z is the arithmetic mean between x and y , then the value of x/(x-z)+y/(y-z) is 


11.the least integer n for which the sum 1+3+5+---+(2n+1) exceeds 9999 is ans:100

12. the number of subsets of a set s is 64, then s has

a: 8 b.6 c.4.d. 16 elements

13.if n is a natural numbers, the n(n+1)(N+5) IS

ans:a multiple of 6

14.a spere circumscribes a cylinder . then the ratio of the surface area of the spere to the curved surface area of the cylinder is


15.ax/b+b=bx/a+a,a//b. then x equals


16. if logs sqrt(5x)=1,then x equals


17. which of the following triplets cannot be sides o a ritht angled triangle

ans: (p-q),(p+q),sqrt(p+q)

18.inwhat time will RS. 3200 amount to RS.3528 at 5% annum compound interest

ans:2 years

19.if the price of orange falls by 20 % one can buy 5 dozens more for RS 300, THEN THE ORIGINAL price per dozen is


20. the triangle formed by (0,0),(0,4,),(3,8) is

ans: right angled triangle

21. The area of parallegram (0,0),(0,4),(3,8) is

a.12 b.6 c.24 d.25

22. A man can do a piece of work in 9 days, a woman can do 3/4 as much work as a man in one day and a boy in twice the time that a man takes. How many days will 2 men, 3 women and 5 boys together take to do the work?

ans:4/3 days

23.The probability of getting at least one head in a single throw of three coins is


24.A problem is given to two student A and B whose Respective chances of solving it are 1/2 and 2/3 . If Both of them try to solve the problem independently the  Probability that the problem will be solved is


25.In a single throw of 3 dice, the chance of throwing a total of 15 is

ans:a.1/15b.5/216 c.1/3 d. 1/4



27 . P and Q are positive integers with their average 15, find how many different values can one take


28.The hands of clock coincide after every 66 min of correct time. How much does the clock gain or lose in a day.

Ans: gains 11 min

29.Ifxto the power of 5=4 and x to the power of 4=5/y , then x equals


30. if x,y,z are natural numbers, and if 2x=y and y=3z, which of the following numbers could be x+y+z


31.The pipes can fill a cistern in 1.5 hours and 2 hours respectively. A waste pipe can empty a full cistern in 3 hours. If the cisterns empty and all three pipes are opened together, in how many min will the cistern be half full


32. The members a,b,12 forma geometric progression and the nos a,b,9 form an arithmetic progression. find the value of a+b

ans:9or 45

33.IN a group of 15,7 can speak spanish, 8 can speak french, and 3 can speak neither.How much of the group can speak both French and Spanish


34.Oranges are bought at 11 for Rs. 10 and sold at 10. for Rs. 11 the profit is


.If x/y=2/3 then y**2/x**2 is equal to