(Paper) DBSS Placement Paper (Aptitude Section)

Paper: DBSS Placement Paper (Aptitude Section)

1)A"s place is 7th from left .B"s position is 9th from the right. After interchanging their position A"s position is 11th from the left. How many candidates are there?


2)program:step 1:x=3D0,A=3D0,B=3D1;step2:If x<10;do step 3 to 6 otherwise go to step 7;step 3:Y=3DA+B;A=3DB,B=3DY;step 4:print Y; step 5:x is increased by 1 step 6:Go to step 2; step 7:stop

A) What is the 7"th value of Y that is printed? 


B) After set of instructions is over at step 5 what is the last value of X?


C) When x=3D4 what is the value of Y printed?


D) suppose step 5 is replaced by step :x=3Dx+3 what would be the last value of Y printed?


E) step 1 is changed as x=3D5,A=3D0,B=3D1 what is Y?

Ans : 8

3)Logical reasoning

(1)Persons A,B,C,D,E,F are playing cards. B-- Mother, E--Niece of A, A--Son of B (complete Qu. is not known. Answers are correct!)

A) Who is the winner of the game? Ans B(Mother)

B) who are the ladies? B,E

C) second winner in the game? Husband of B

D) who is the niece of A?

Ans : B

4)Even if problem is not clear answers are correct( perfectly)

a) Train overtaking problem from R.S.Agrawal

b) A problem on pipes&cistern

A) fill the tank in 1 hour 

B) fill the tank in 40 min.

C) C leak the tank at 60lt/hrs

ans:24 min.

5) problem on ages

6)when 29 is added to a particular number (1/3), added to (1/4) particular no?

Ans: 24



8)3 questions on correction of sentences.

9)odd man out

10)Reasoning: 3 questions. Ex:(1)All cars are scooters, all scooters are trucks. (from R.S.Agrawal)

11)In one company women are 40 more than men______.


12)5 problems on heights of persons.

13)clock problem 

14)Age problem


15)profit and loss problem

16)mixture problem

17)a a b a a b a a b a a b a a b. There will be 4 choices

Ans:- a a a

18)compreshion:small paras and 3 questions

19)date of birth problems ans:saturday

20)for one problem ans is 16 2/3

21)pressure vs volume PV=3DK one problem.


23)A necklace is made of 5 colors of pearls.ans:68

24)bench,chair,thron,pedastrian,cook odd man out

25)A can do work 2 times faster than B.B can do 100 parts in 40 min.. How many parts can A do?Ans:30