(Paper) Cybage Campus Placement Paper

Paper : Cybage Campus Placement Paper

Cybage came to L.D on 22nd july 2008.

Aggregate criteria was 55%. 80 appeared for cybage from EC,Comp and IT out of which 5 were selected. 2 from Comp , 2 from IT and 1 from EC. I am 1 of them. for company information u can visit www.cybage.com Selection Procedure: aptitude test, technical round and HR round.

Aptitude test: It was very easy test. english was bit tough but maths was easy. 30 questions out of 10(maths) and 20(english). Maths: Percentage, ratio, ages, numbers pie chart bar chart, time and distance. RS Aggrwal is sufficient.

English:2 synonym 2 antonym , bridges, 1 RC etc .. after completion of aptitude test we had technical interview. 30/80 could clear aptitude test.. Technical

Interview: it was the toughest round because out of 80 only 15 could clear Tech round. c, c++, java SQL are the subjects from where questions were asked. be clear whatever u have written in your CV. bcos they ask CV in interview and start asking que from your CV.

Mostly they ask about the projects.

My interview:
Me: May i come in? interviewer: yes come.
me: thank u sir.
interviewer: so tell me something about your self.
me: i said. for 5 mins then i stopped.
interviewer: ok kushan now tell me how do u write tags in JSP.
me : answered. interviewer: in JSP can we use import statement like normal java?
me : no we cant..
interviewer: then he asked me how can we import any files. give examples. me : ansewed.
interviewer: tell me any real world example of polymorphism and encapsulation.
me : i told. interviewer: then he asked me the diffrence between the runtime polymorphism and compile time poly morphism and about virtlual function.
me : i gave.
intervieer: wthen he gave me a form for HR interview. those who cleared technical interview got the HR form. it was about 30 mins. i filled up the form and i called for HR interview. in my HR interview there were 3 interviewer: in HR round again 10 students were eliminated. it was all about 45 mins.
I was asked to tell them about my strenghts, weakness and how do u describe your self. give some qualities in u. give example of them like this..... finally after 5 pm the result was announced 5 were selected and i was 1 of them...

No of Rounds:

  • Techincal Round-1

  • Aptitude Test