(Paper) Covansys Written Test Sections & Pattern

Paper : Covansys Written Test Sections & Pattern

You will be given a question booklet that contains many papers on different topics. Some are compulsory while some are optional. All the papers have multiple choice question /objective type.


The first section is the aptitude one. Questions are easy and like (simple distance, time, numbers etc.) There will also be one question of GRE type - (you will be given a paragraph followed by a set of 4/5 questions based on that paragraph).

Next are 2 papers on programming languages. You have to make your choices among the papers available. You can choose between C/C++, Java and VB. You should attempt two among them - do the ones you think u can. You can see all and judge which you want to do. Rest you leave blank. There is enough time for these ones.


Next you will have to take one of the database related papers. I think you should opt for oracle - you can see the oracle sample questions if you dont have much knowledge of oracle.


Then you have choice of paper between Windows Server 2000 and Unix. The questions are basics and you should choose one of these.

So there are 5 papers in covansys which you have to take. (aptitude, 2 languages, 1 database and 1 OS)