(Paper) Catterpiller Placement Paper Feb-2004 (Verbal, General Awareness & Technical)

Paper: Catterpiller Placement Paper Feb-2004 (Verbal, General Awareness & Technical)


1. Synonym: pontificate. (Talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner)

2. Antonym: loquacious. (Means Full of trivial conversation)

3. Analogies: Whiff: scent Birds: anthropology (doubtful) Generator: Current. vacilliate :resolution as diobey :order…

4. odd man out: iconoclast,hyperbole,exaggeration amused ,bemused, preoccupied mural,nostalgia,dream

General Awareness:



3. Montagu-chelmsford reforms

4. How can you remove the president from his office?

5. Minimum age for a person to be eligible to become a president.

6. Who can preside over the meetings of both the sabhas but still cannot vote?

7. regional army command is commanded by

8. strength of defenc epersonal is 10 lakhs ,12lk,15,lk

9. mirage 2000 aircraft is from which contry

10. broad gauge 1.67m,2m,1.83m

11. production of steam locomotives stopped from year

12. first presidensy ban in which city,Chennai,Mumbai, Calcutta , delhi

13. export import bank started in yr

14. what % of Re,1 coins in Indian currency

15. what earns more foreign money,tea,jute…

16. strength of Indian army.

17. who commands the regional army.

18. mirage bought from ans: France

19. inflation occurs due to (increase in money)

20. from where India get max for exchange.(jute,iron steel,sugar,tea)

21. % of 1 rupee coin in total Indian currency.


1.Which of the following uses consumable electrodes.(I believe the options were MIG,TIG and stuff like that)

2.Alloy used in the manufacture of surgical instruments.

3. Uses of superconductors.

4.Four questions from IC engines :

a. For a given compression ratio the efficiency of Otto cycle>Diesel cycle.(Is this right?)

b. Turning moment diagram for compression stroke of IC engine.

5. What path does double slider crank mechanism follows. (Check if it is Elliptical).

6.Ratio between Brake horse power to the energy supplied.

7. Two emfs E1 and E2 are given. Among two lengths one is given. Be clear with the relation between ratio of emfs to the lengths across.