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HCL is a leading global Technology and IT Enterprise with annual revenues of US$ 5.9 billion. The HCL Enterprise comprises two companies listed in India, HCL Technologies ( ) and HCL Infosystems (

In 1976, Shiv Nadar, Arjun Malhotra, Subhash Arora, Badam Kishore Kumar, T.V Bharadwaj,& Arun Kumar H started Microcomp Limited. The focus of the company was design and manufacturing of scientific calculators. The venture provided its founders money to start a company that focused on manufacturing computers. The company name "HCL" used to stand for "Hindustan Computers Limited" but now HCL is the only one name that the company goes by. HCL received support from the Uttar Pradesh government to setup manufacturing in Noida

In 1981,NIIT was started to cater to the increasing demand in computer education. By early 2000s, Nadar divested his stake in this venture.

Career Tracks:

HCL Enterprise is a leading Global Technology and IT enterprise with annual revenues of US $5.9 billion. HCL Enterprise comprises of two companies listed in India - HCL Technologies & HCL Infosystems.

Career Development Center

After creating a new wave with computing in India - at a time when there were only about  250  computers in the country as a whole, HCL ventured into creating; Career development centers - the first of its kind in India. The objective was to have a constant pool of qualified professionals for the  industry.

Today , the career development centers span India - wide with over 12000 students. The focus has  been on industry-experience and focus on 'real world' practical training. The faculty is drawn from  HCL and the industry . The areas of focus include both hardware and software - starting from basics in  hardware and networking to server related and security.

Case Study:

HCL realized that the key to customer satisfaction was with the employee. Today, in an industry like software, which is knowledge intensive and relies heavily on manpower, this has become a powerful strategy. 'Employees First' - a pioneering strategy envisaged by HCL places the needs of employees before the needs of customers and has provoked a sea-change at the company level, and, in turn, greater customer loyalty, better engagements and higher revenues.

Employees First' is an employee focused program that gives people whatever they need to succeed - be it space to grow, time to think or tools to use. Its about maximizing personal potential rather than monitoring professional performance.

HCL's enlightened approach to employee development also focuses on giving people whatever they need to succeed: be it a virtual assistant or talent transformation sabbaticals; expert guidance or fast track growth; inner peace or democratic empowerment. 'Employees First' is a five fold path to individual enlightenment. This ensures that people are given Support, Knowledge, Recognition, Empowerment, and Transformation.