(Paper) CapGemini Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern

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Paper : CapGemini Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern

Sample Questions: 1. Find min value of fn: |-5-x| + |2-x|+|6-x|+10-x|; where x is an integer 0/17/23/19 
Ans) 19 

2. units digit in expansion os 2 raised to 51 is: 

Ans) 8 

3. 2 men at same tym start walking towards each other from A n B 72 kms apart. sp of A is 4kmph.Sp of B is 2 kmph in 1st hr,2.5 in 2nd, 3 in rd. n so on…when will they meet i in 7 hrs ii at 35 kms from A iii in 10 hrs iv midway in a 2 digit no unit’s place is halved and tens place is doubled.diff bet the nos is 37.digit in unit’s place is 2 more than tens place. 

4. if x-y + z = 19 , y + z =20 , x-z=3 , find d value of x+4y-5z 

5. Find approx value of 39.987/0.8102+1.987*18.02 

6. If the ratio of prod of 3 diff comp’s A B & C is 4:7:5 and of overall prod last yr was 4lac tones and if each comp had an increase of 20% in prod level this yr what is the prod of Comp B this yr? 

7. (8*76+19*?-60) / (?*7*12+3-52)=1 5/2/1/3 In Aptitude paper of CapGemini there r 2 sections usually viz. Quant n Logical 25 qs in each section. to be solved in 60 mins. Apt is followed by a ppt 4 shortlisted candidates.they brief u about company's values,revenue,operations n overall profile. listen it carefully. then they conduct group discussion by dividing candidates in 2 or more groups depending on the no of candidates. two topics r given n we need to choose 1. topic selected by majority of people is finalized for gd. 

Then some time is given to prepare 4 d topic. after that a gd of around 15 mins takes place. try to initiate or conclude the discussion. try to raise max points during GD bcoz no 1 is going to give u a chance there to speak. After GD shortlisted candidates have to give 2 interviews, tech n HR. for tech prepare c/c++ n projects that u hav done in ur college(Important) They test u r project knowledge mainly. 

HR interview is pretty easy jst General questions. Tell me abt urself n from u r resume. Don't lie in it.They will find it. It's a very long selection procedure bt worth if u r getting a chance to join u r dream company atleast 4 me. Be cool,relax n confident n most important is 'Believe in GOD'.GOD will definately help u. All the best everybody. See You @ CAPGEMINI!

No of Rounds : 

  • Techincal Round-1

  • Aptitude Test

  • Group Discussion - GD

  • Client/Manager Interview

Location : Mumbai