(PAPER) Canara Bank Placement Paper (Specialist officer)

(PAPER) Canara Bank Placement Paper

Canara Bank Specialist officer - Computer Programmer [JMGS Scale 1]

the results have come out and i have been selected.
i have got the appointment letter & i am to join
canara bank @ bang on 8th may.

My experience:
written exam 9th oct 2005 result 19th jan 2006

interview date 9th march 2006
for interview total 25 people on a day--- divided into
morning and

Time given Afternoon session 1-15pm
same time to 12 people. actual intv @ 6 pm.
time take for each candidate 20- 25 min

4 panel members
[all males 1- a very sound expert on computers[almst all aspects of comp]
asked tech qs
and appears to help us by explaing what others
r tring to ask,
1- quite and observing asked related to economics
1- DGM - knowledge abt evrything. generally asked hr
1- tries to provoke u into blunders- asked comp
definitions, some
politics stuff]
[ the atmosphere is warm relaxed and almost like a
talk except when the
qs are fired.
they do a whole lot of talking aloud among themseleves
in front of u.
infact one panelist told other "I was trying to
provoke her"]

Interview :--
good evening!
Q-- abt native place [basically to set an informal
they said they have a nri remittance branch there.

Q-- what do u think abt unionism attitude?

lots of tech nical qs.
Q -- tell the names of all subjects studied in Mca.
ans named abt 16 subjects of 18 [1 said most dont
beyond 4, am surpised
went till here.]
Q -- 3 fav subjects; then Qs on each [this is the
bait they really fry
u on
these topics]
Ans--dbms, AI, networks.
Q -- name types of dbms
Q -- difference between hierchical and relational
structure in dbms.
drew 2 structure to represent both and tol me to tell
Q -- what else have u learnt in dbms
Q -- what is data integrity

Q -- what have u learnt in AI.
Q -- define artifitial intelligence and neural

Q -- say someting abt n/ws
Q -- how many layers r there in osi model.
Q -- name them.
Q -- which is ur fav layers.
Ans--transport layer
Q -- say something abt trans layer.

Q-- what projects have u done?
Q-- write first 10 lines of code of your project &
explain them [was
for logic of the project in those lines]
Q-- can u be a team leader inspite of being a fresher?
Q-- can u be a team member?
Q-- what do u want to become - a manager or a leader?
Q-- will u do a job that u dont find interesting but
ur team leader is
excited abt? what if its data entry?
Q-- what is ur principle "work out of pleasure or
pleasure out of work"

y canbank?
ans -- u r forerunner in IT services. blah blah blah
..... have
red hat linux open office.
they r surprised ask this is official and internal
matter how did u
ans -- its on net.

what do u think is better win or linux. give 3 pts.
they say linux appears free but is v. costly than win.

Q- define:
1) firewall
2) ethical hacking

Q- what is gdp
ans Gross domestic Product.
Q -define it ...
ans gdp is....

they pay a great deal of attention to accent & body
language. they in
commented among themselves aloud abt my habit of quote
unquote as
style and that it is taught in coaching classes. and
that i dont have
language accent
Q-- have u been to coaching classes? for what?

some other guys were asked:--
Q-- what do u know abt Banking?
Q-- what was Hilters policy?
Q-- what was his slogan/motto?
Q-- what is core banking?
basically fav subject is the bait q.

Lastly they have a tray of chocolates ask every
candidate to take one when leaving.

said the results is going to be out in 20-25 days.
result came on 8th april 2006

Thanks once again
wish u all the very best.