(Paper) CTS Placement Paper On 3rd February Kolkata (Aptitude Pattern & Interview)

Paper: CTS Placement Paper On 3rd February Kolkata (Aptitude Pattern & Interview)

Location : St. Thomas Institute of Technology,Kolkata

  There was 3 sections

Section I- 2 passages was given 20 questions total, time was 20 min ,total marks 20.

Section II-after completion of section I u can open Sec. I I.A little bit easy than section I.

totally consist of 35 qs.they were very easy. U just need to go through R.S.Agarwal.

problems include –venn diagrams , Cube problems. for Venn diagrams if possible go through sachdevas MBA tutorial study material & some more qs.

Section III -only some logical reasoning I am sure u can do it without any prior preparations. Just apply u’r commonsense.


Interviewer.-take u’r seat sukanti and introduce u’r self.

Me- answered using the following points

1.Who and from where I am.

2.My academic carrier. Starting from M.Tech (pls. Do not mention u’r percentage until u r asked to do so).

3.My family.


Int:- what was u’r favorite subject in class 12?

Me: –Physics

Int:-Tell me about modern physics

Me: –answered.

Int:-What is the Newton ’s 3 rd law?


Int:- What is an array?

Me:-Answered using data types that can be stored.

Int:- What is homogeneous data type?

Me:- answered.

Int:-What is OOP?

Me:- Answered using the partitioned memory concept.

Int:-What is the basic difference between C++ and JAVA?

Me:-answered (Explain why C++ is not a fully OOP language and why JAVA is).

Int:- what is u’r future plan?

Me:- Research.

Int:-What is u’r long term and short term plan with CTS ?

Me:- To learn and work for CTS .

Int:-Why CTS ?

Me:- CTS recruiting a lot of fresher and I am a fresher that’s why CTS .

He gave me a puzzle 2 swap 2 variables without using a 3 rd variable and explain it to him. After that he was very impressed.

Int:.-(With a confirmed shake hand) It is nice to meet u sukanti.

It was around 30 min. The result was announced at CTS website on that night and my name was there at index number 12.

Friends at the time of interview u have to write the following information

1.What is u’r expectation from CTS ?

2.What is u’r long term & Short term plan with CTS ?

3.Mention some points that u think need to be a good soft.engg?

4.software orientation

5. ur strong points and week points.