First i had Apti. Actually Verbal was tough, time was very limited.

Second section was easy, normal apti ques, venn dia, cube prob..

Last section analytical reasoning...

CTS they are looking for logical ability, test paper is set accordingly... Since there are no negative marks, attempt all questions.....

Just have a look at last year ques paper, nothing to study in particular.. Test was for 70 marks.... Then I had my tech and hr combined

1. He asked me about leadership qualities
2. tell me about yourself
3. area of interest I said OOPS
4. diff between C and C++
5. security in C++
6. swap two nos withot using temp variabl
7. access specifiers
8. diff between private and protected
9. overloading, overriding
10. pointers
11. write a query to extract only the duplicate records from a table
12. what is DDL, DML
13. truncate, drop diif
14. view table
15. what is universal gate
16. what is a flip flop
19. what do u know about CTS
20. Any ques?