The aptitude paper mainly consisted of English and analytical part.. it was easy....then was the time of the interview.. I entered the room

Me: may i come in sir?
Int: yes. come in
Me: good afternoon sir
Int: please sit down
Me :thank u sir
Int: so abhirup...introduce urself..
Me: I am doing my btech from this college...i am this ..I am that.. bla blab la...
Int: suppose u will have to complete a work in adeadline.. ur coworkers doesn't help u..wht will u do????
Me:1st of all I will try to convince the person to work..if he doesn't agree...i will give more than 100% and try to complete it myself
Int: good
Int: what is the diff between C and java?
Me :told the answer
Int :who is ur favourite player?
Me: saurav ganguly
Int: ?how many test centuries does he have?
Me not very sure but I think its 15
Int: u should be knowing well about him
Me :I know sir
Int: so u have played cricket right?
Me: yes sir
Int: what is the diff between in swing and in cut?
Me: explained him:
Int: asked me a question on C
Me: I wasn't sure of the answer...confidently told him the wrong answer..
Int: what is encapsulation?
Me :told him
Int: what do u mean by a good s/w professional?
Me: a person who has learnt a lot and can apply himself accordingly and never has to look back in his life
Int: asked on SDLC
Me: answered but was not confident about it...but still I said that I was confident...
Int: how will u celebrate tonight if u get this job?
Me: I will celebrate with my parents. i will ring up my friend and relatives about this good news.. thats how I will celebrate
Int: what if u dont get this job?
Me: initial reaction will be that of disappointment...but I have that confidence and optimism that I will make it through in the next interview
Int: excellent
Int: if u dnt get this job how will u improve urself?
Me: I will not improve myself.. I am perfect
Int :good....thank u so much.. good luck