(Paper) CTS Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern (Chennai)

Paper: CTS Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern (Chennai)

Company Name : CTS
Type : Fresher
, Job Interview

CTS came to our coll on june 2008.it is very easy apptitude...chill guys!!! First of all prepare these questions in the OMR SHEET be4 u go to write the exam:they ask many questions from it.and the HR will be having this sheet with him during interview:

? software orientation: (software languages skills u know) 

? Hobbies and extra curricular activities: 

? Strengths and weakness: 

? wat do u expect from cts? 

? whats ur short term and long term goal in CTS?

Section 1: 

there were NO cubes questions and venn diagram questions. 5 binary conversions were given.and a puzzle was given which was very difficult.and another puzzle on ages was given. Data sufficiency problems were easy only.and two more quants problem was there. other two sections were damn easy,dont worry guys ul get many questions to find odd figure out..REFER R.S AGGARWAL QUESTIONS "VERBAL AND NON-VERBAL ABILITY"... it will help a lots.. 

5 questions on finding correct sentences . 

5 questions on finding incorrect sentences. reading comprehension was very tuff, dint get time for it, so i just tried my luck with "b" option. 

5 QUESTIONS ON ARRANGING JUMBLED SENTENCES to a paragraph was given,was very easy. 


  • whats c? 

  • whats ur fav subject? 

  • wat is linked list, closed linked list, doubly linked list, stack, queues,real time example for stack linked list?

  • latest trends in IIT? if u r leading a group and a member suddenly leaves of in a crucial situation and his work has to be done wat will u do? 

  • are u ready to reallocate urself?? 

  • wats java?

JUST CHILL BE COOL,if u dont know any answers also no problem, the smartness matters in how u handle the stress...so TRY TO STAY COOL DONT SHOW UR NERVOUSNESS OUT in any case. see all the definitions of the subjects and languages.. 

DONT FORGET TO LOOK INTO THE DEFINITIONS OF THE SUBJECTS IN UR SYLLABUS in each semester,,,one of my frd got the questions only from her marklists and subjects inside tat... i was not able to get into CTS becoz i was little nervous tat i could'nt answer few technical questions,but i did HR well.... SO NEVER BE NERVOUS. ALL THE BEST GUYS.

No of Rounds :
-Aptitude Test

Location : Chennai
Contributor  Name : Divya