(Paper) CSC Placement Paper Pattern (Reasoning)

CSC Placement Paper Pattern (Reasoning)


This is the paper on General aptitude. This paper is very very important as far as ones selection is concerned. U have to be very fast and accurate and U have to score at least above 80 to be selected for interview. The criteria for the test was 60% throughout in 10th,12th, grad and MCA upto IVth sem.Here about 150 students sat for the test and 15 were short listed for the interviews. So U can see the degree of the competition.The company is good and work hard U can get through. Start practicing Mental ability from RS Agarwal Specially PUZZLES,NUMBER SERIES,MIRROR IMAGE,3D and FIGURE SERIES. Though I am sending U the technical paper also but that will be available to almost all of U and so that is not so important for selection.Just attempt about 60 questions out of 75 in that paper.

NO of ques : 100
Time : 40 minutes

This paper was divided into 7(seven) sections:
1. Sequence figures : 10 questions
In this section U have to trace out the next figure in the given sequence OR find out the ODD figure from given four figures. This is very simple section and U can do it very easily.

2. Numerical Series : 15 questions
In this section U have to find the odd no in given series OR find the next no in the given series OR what comes in place of ? in a series. Practice this type of question from R.S Agarwal.I remember only few question which I am trying to give below:
6 9 12 ? 6
6 ? 9 9 6
9 12 6 3 6
this is just the type of ques.It may not be the exact one.
U see that the sum of each row is 36. So ?=6.There were many ques of this type.
3 6 18 ? 7 8
1 2 6 6 3 2
This types if questions were there in which U have to find the no replacing ?....

3. Non verbal reasoning : 15 questions
Here U are given 4 squares figures (a,b,c,d) differing slightly in thickness of their sides Now U are given a few set of figures with some figures left out.These blanks are numbered 1 to 15.U have to fit one of the above given square figures in each blank.This is a very simple question and U can do it easily.

4. Analytical Reasoning :15 Questions
This section contained questions as given in puzzle section of RS Agarwal.It contains 4 parts with 5,5,3,2 questions.Just do it with patience.Make tables and then U will easily answer the questions following it.. don't remember the exact question but I am sending approximately same question:

(i).Four friends are given named Akansha,Anuska,Anisha, ... , ... .Each of them live in a separate home and sleep on one bed.Akansha and Anuska have two extra beds,two of the house have green lawns while the rest have narrow porchs,One of the house has Airconditioner while the est have fans.And so on.. Based on these informations five questions were asked like
What is the total no of beds in all houses?
ans:14(not sure!!just check it)
Who lives in the house with green lawn and with AC?
These type of questions are very simple.Just make the table and U will get all the answers

(ii).Five students and five subjects and given along with few information.Five questions are asked following the questions.This is a bit tricky do it in the end.

(iii).In a given knockout series England defeated Pakistan,Pakistan was defeated by Newzealand, India defeated both England and Newzealand.
Three very simple questions were asked like:
Who won the series? ans: India
Who didn't win a single match? ans: Pakistan
How many matches were played in total?

(iv). This is also very simple question..U can answer it easily.

5. Spatial reasoning : 15 Questions
This question is similar to the MIRROR IMAGE part of RS Agarwal.A Figure is given and U have to identify the figure which "CANNOT BE" the mirror image of the given figure which can be rotated along any axis.

6. English aptitude : 15 Questions
This section contains two parts:
(i). 5 questions asking synonym of given words. (one of the word is quiet ans:silent)
(ii).10 questions aksing to identify words not similar in meaning to the given words. (one of the word is mutiny and the alternatives are
a)uprising b)rebel c)revolt,d).... answer:b )

7. 3D reasoning : 15 Questions
This section contained questions in which a 3 dimentional figure is given and U have to judge how it would look from the side indicated in the question like from below,from back etc. Also there are questions in which a sheet is given with marks on it along which it can be folded.U have to judge from the given option the three dimentional structure which can be build by folding the sheet along the given lines .

More Questions :

1) hybrid devise that combines the features of both bridge and router is known as

a)router b)bridge c)hub d)brouter


2) which of the following is the most crucial phase of SDLC

a)testing b)code generation c) analysys and design d)implementation


3)to send a data packet using datagram ,connection will be established

a)no connection is required

b) connection is not established before data transmission

c)before data transmission



4)a software that allows a personal computer to pretend as as computer terminal is

a) terminal adapter

b)terminal emulation




5) super key is

a) same as primary key

b) primary key and attribute

c) same as foreign key

d) foreign key and attribute


6.In binary search tree which traversal is used for ascending order values

a) Inorder b)preorder c)post order d)none


7.You are creating an index on ROLLNO colume in the STUDENT table.which statement will you use?

a) CREATE INDEX roll_idx ON student, rollno;

b) CREATE INDEX roll_idx FOR student, rollno;

c) CREATE INDEX roll_idx ON student( rollno);

d) CREATE INDEX roll_idx INDEX ON student (rollno);


8.A________class is a class that represents a data structure that stores a number of data objects

a. container b.component c.base d.derived


9.Which one of the following phases belongs to the compiler Back-end.

a. Lexical Analysis b.Syntax Analysis c. Optimization d.Intermediate Representation.


10. Every context _sensitive language is context_free

a. true b.false


11.Input:A is non-empty list of numbers L


For each item in the list L,do

If the item>x,then

X?the item

Return X

X represents:-

a)largest number

b)smallest number

c)smallest negative number

d) none


12.Let A and B be nodes of a heap,such that B is a child of A. the heap must then satisfy the following conditions






13.String ,List,Stack,queue are examples of___________

a)primitive data type

b)simple data type

c)Abstract data type



14.which of the following is not true for LinkedLists?

a)The simplest kind of linked list is a single linked list ,which has one link per node .this link points to the next node in the list,or to a null value or emptylist if it is the last node.

b)a more sophisticated kind of linked list is a double linkedlist or two way linkedlist .Each node has two links ,one to the previous node and one to the next node.

c) in a circleLinkedList ,the first and last nodes are linked together.this can be done only for double linked list.

d) to traverse a circular linkedlist ,u begin at any node and follow the list in either direction until u return to the original node.


15.sentinel node at the beginning and /or at the end of the linkedlist is not used to store the data

a) true

b) false